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i2Systems S-LINE DIMMABLE LED LINEAR LUMINAIRE MODEL S1200A Simply Advanced." CLIENT PROJECT ★★★★★ MADE IN THE USA WIDE LATERAL THROW Patented optical system provides even light distribution ONLY 3/4" THICK Rugged design, advanced features FEATURES A Perfect Blend Patented optical system provides close-to-fixture illumination with short mixing distance and blended color. Dimmable Using our LightLink™ Dimmers, experience simple, smooth LED dimming. Protected Onboard SmartDriver™ and Active Thermal Management™ offer a level of fixture protection not found anywhere else. Rugged Design Impact-resistant polycarbonate optic and anodized aluminum construction ensure product longevity. S-Line® DIMMABLE LED LINEAR LUMINAIRE S-Line evenly illuminates counters and workspaces for maximum coverage and controllability. High performance, small size and versatile mounting options enable simple installation into a variety of locations. Typical Applications Quick Specs ■ Under Cabinet ■ Valance ■ Compartment ■ Engine Room 3000°K Warm White 4000°K Neutral White 5700°K Cool White Red Green Blue 30°    Special Order Angle 82°    Special Order Angle Black Mil-Spec Anodized Aluminum Mounting Adjustable, Fixed & Pivot Mounts

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FIXTURE BUILDER S-Line MODEL S1200 | DIMMABLE LED LINEAR LUMINAIRE The S-Line is a dimmable LED linear luminaire made with impact-resistant polycarbonate optic and anodized aluminum construction to ensure product longevity. Five different lengths are available, with fixed or adjustable mounting options. TESTED LEDS RoHS ★★★★★ MADE IN THE CUSTOMER CONTACT CUSTOMER PHONE # SHIPPING ADDRESS FIXTURE TYPE S-Line BEAM ANGLE LED COLOR AAG Cool White 5700°K BBD Neutral White 4000°K CBB Warm White 3000°K DC Green EC Blue HC Red □ RETAIL PACKAGING Retail Packaging available for 12" length only. * 30°...

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MODEL S1200 | DIMMABLE LED LINEAR LUMINAIRE Mounting    fc @    Diameter ofHeight    Center Beam    Lighted Plane 4.0 ft    31.6 fc    5.4 ft Multiplier Table 3000°K I 4000°K I 5700°K | x1.05    |    x1.10 All results are according to IESNA LM-79-2008: Approved Method for the Electrical and Photometric Testing of Solid-State Lighting. DIMENSIONS MOUNTING SLA-1: Adjustable Mounting Bracket SLA-3: Pivot Mounting Bracket WIRE FUNCTION PROTECTION FEATURES LIGHTLINK’ RED 9-30V DC Do not exceed 30V max BLACK Common Ground WHITE Dimming Control (Optional) Do not exceed 30V max See wiring examples...

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For additional examples and dimming details, visit www.i2Systems.com/Marine-LED to download our Dimming Guide. MODEL S1200 | DIMMABLE LED LINEAR LUMINAIRE WIRING EXAMPLE 12/24V DC NO DIMMING Fuse +12/24V Common WIRING EXAMPLE 12/24V DC PUSH BUTTON SWITCH DIMMING Fuse +12/24V Common 355 Bantam Lake Rd. Morris, CT 06763 USA Momentary Switch Up to 50 Feet of S-Line per LL-101 Dimmer © 2015 Integrated Illumination Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. i2Systems, the i2Systems Logo and S-Line are either registered trademarks or trademarks of i2Systems. Due to ongoing improvement and innovation,...

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