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windsurf collection 2016
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Catalogue excerpts


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KAULI SEADI The idea of the KS model in the 99NoveNove line is to bring all the knowledge from all the designs of the best boards developed throughout my career and perfect the shape with Gianni to be the most responsive wave riding board of the range. The KS models are the best range of wave boards my feet have ever touched, truly a magic ride.

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KS KS MODEL "THE BEST WAVE SAILOR” QUAD_ The introduction of 3-times world champion Kauli Seadi into the 99 International Team has motivated the R&D department to adapt to a new concept of designing wave boards. Kauli’s never ending search whilst travelling the world for the best conditions that the planet can offer has made him one of the best board testers in the world to develop the dream board for those who want a very hardcore product. Everything has been focused on the feeling for what a board should give in side/side-off conditions. A completely new scoop-rocker line has been designed and...

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WAVE HARDCORE "CARVING MACHINE” QUAD The new 2015-2016 Quad has been completely redesigned. The rockerline has been modified with more curve under the front footstraps/mast section area and less tail kick in the tail to give additional acceleration and exceptional maneuverability compared to the previous generation. The hull features a full single concave in the front-mid section fading into a V double concave gradually into the tail. These attributes combined together with the rail shape help the board in full-power bottom turns and to reach the wave lip more vertically for off- the-top front...

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3XCH CHAMELEON WAVE SIDE - SIDE/ON "EVERYWHERE THRUSTER_ The Chameleon has undergone a thorough transformation. Designed for those who want a thruster board with a radical attitude but still having acceleration on the wave combined with fast planing for those less optimum days. Featuring a new and original rocker line, we’ve also improved the top-speed for maximum performance in wavesailing and jumping. A flat section on the scoop line in the strap area area gives that overall performance one expects whilst a light tailkick gives that riding looseness to the board.The vee double concave hull for...

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SW-CKV STYLE WAVE CKV FREESTYLE WAVE CKV SINGLE FIN / THRUSTER - CONVERTIBLE_ This is our dedicated line for free-riders looking to approach waves and jumps. The most versatile shape on the market offering immediate acceleration and glide. This is in thanks to the new rockerline. With the top speed of a slalom board mixed with the feeling and maneuverability of a wave board, it’s super light, super durable deck is the direct result of a custom built carbon/ kevlar construction technology. Utilizing a balanced outline where the maximum width has been shifted forward for a better ride in the waves...

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SW-GLS STYLE WAVE GLS FREESTYLE WAVE GLS SINGLE FIN_ Utilising the same shape as STYLE WAVE CKV version manufactured in Moulded Technology with wood-glass con- struction, giving greater resistance at an efficient price. This is our dedicated line for free-riders looking to approach waves and jumps. The most versatile shape on the market offering immediate acceleration and glide, thanks to the new rockerline. With the top speed of a slalom board mixed with the feeling and manoeuvrability of a wave board, its super light, super durable deck is thanks to a custom built carbon/ kevlar construction...

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NICO AKGAZCIYAN If you want a sick pop to go higher and move faster... the new SP will be the board done for you!

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MADE IN ITALY I SP STYLE PRO V3 FREESTYLE "UNLEASHED" FREESTYLE - SINGLEFIN The new Style Pro 2016 has been redesigned with the cooperation of 2 of the most creative riders on the PWAfreestyle tour: Nico Akgazciyan and Youp Schmit. We improved the already exceptional performance ofthe previous 2015 models through long hours of testing and development. The results are clear! FEATURES: • Increased max width for earlier planning and floating in under-powered conditions. • Flat tail Rocker with no kick tail for fast acceleration and increased top speed. • Narrower nose to decrease inertia moments...

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'mnnirmfi REVO LTD REVO LTD FREE SLALOM SINGLEFIN_ Welcome to the grand luxury freerace range of windsurfing. Shaped on our custom CAD/CAM system manufactured in Italy for the past year with ‘Nanotech’ technology, this popular board is now available made from Cobra in Thailand with our industry famous construction for a more competitive price. This free-slalom board is our little masterpiece. A full slalom rocker for boosting acceleration and top-speed inside a com- pact shape and combined with a small bi-concave from the front to the middle, transitioning to vee towards the tail gives the board...

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REVO GLS REVO GLS FREE SLALOM SINGLEFIN_ Utilizing the same shape as the LTD version manufactured with wood-glass construction, giving greater durability at a more cost effective price. Double footstrap positions give the option of entry/advanced setups for increased accessibility. This free-slalom board is our little masterpiece. A full slalom rockerfor boosting acceleration and top-speed inside a com- pact shape and combined with a small bi-concave from the front to the middle, transitioning to vee towards the tail gives the board greater comfort in the choppiest of conditions. The slim profile...

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SM LTD STYLE MOVE LTD FREERIDE - SINGLEFIN_ New generation of freeride boards to fill the gap between freestyle wave and classic freeride concept boards. For those who want to improve their windsurfing skills and approach the first intermediate planning maneuvers and jumps. NEW SHAPE: • Fast flat tail rocker for great acceleration and top speed. • Wide thin body for great floating and easy planning. • Medium to thin rails to set the boards into jibing and intermediate maneuvers. • Flipped nose rocker to sail easier over chop. • Possibility to set the board in performance or intermediate stances...

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