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We Build a Better Tomorrow Since the ground-breaking of a new shipyard in 1972 in Ulsan, Hyundai Heavy Industries continues to invest in new facilities and expertise of our workforce. As the world's leading shipyard since the 1980s, we can deliver about 90 ships or 8 million GT yearly from 10 dry docks. In March 2012 we become the first shipbuilder in the world to reach 100 million GT in ship production. However, our true value lies in the quality of our ships. We have been playing a leading role in developing new ship designs, advancing shipbuilding technology, and enhancing ship...

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Since our establishment in 1972, we have not only been successful in shipbuilding, but also expanded business activities to various heavy industry fields. Our goal is to become one of the world's premier heavy industry companies, helping to improve quality of life in the 21st century. Offshore & Engineering Division Industrial Plant & Engineering Division Engine & Machinery Division Electro Electric Systems Division Green Energy Construction Equipment Division . Research & Development . Computer Center .Safety Control . Education & Training Center Gunsan Shipyard

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06 07 Hyundai Heavy Industries operates 10 drydocks equipped with 9 Goliath cranes and cutting-edge construction facilities in Ulsan and Gunsan. Each drydock and facility is specially designed to build ships the most efficiently for that ship type: Drydock No.1 is mainly assigned for drillships; Drydock No.3, with a capacity of 1 million DWT, can build containerships and tankers at the same time; Drydocks 6 and 7 build naval ships and special purpose vessels; and Drydock No. 8 is for LNG ships. The Gunsan Shipyard, built in 2009, features a 1.3 million DWT drydock, a 1,650 ton Goliath crane...

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Hyundai Samho Shipyard HHI has been doing ship sales activities on behalf of Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries since Hyundai Samho became a part of HHI Group in 1999. Initial designing and procurement are also consolidated between the two companies. Located in the south-western part of the Korean peninsula, Hyundai Samho has 2 drydocks and 1 on-land building berth equipped with modernized facilities, in which 50 ships can be built annually in various ship types: VLCC to Panamax Tanker, Panamax to Ultra-large Containership, VLOC to Kamsarmax B/C, PCTC and LNG/LPG carrier to FPSO, etc. The...

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08 09 Advanced Facilities HHI’s Ulsan shipyard is equipped with the most advanced facilities, from fully automated steel-cutting lines to environmentally-controlled painting shops. With a high level of automation and new production technologies ranging from off-line welding robots and indoor production of 40 m long blocks, to the two-component proportioning system in painting, HHI offers a number of advantages-greater productivity gains, reduced building time, and, above all, superb ship quality. HHI provides an ideal site for shipbuilding that you cannot find anywhere else in the world....

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Research & Development is an essential requirement for the improvement and advancement of modern technology. HHI’s commitment to research & development has been a motivating factor in the company’s many technical achievements and will continue to be vital in the future. HHI operates tree renowned in-house research institutes: HMRI (Hyundai Maritime Research Institute), HIRI (Hyundai Industrial Research Institute), HEMRI (Hyundai Electro-Mechanical Research Institute).

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10 11 HMRI Hyundai Maritime Research Institute HMRI was formally inaugurated in 1984 to reinforce the aims of HHI in the marine field. The institute possesses capital facilities and equipment for hydrodynamic research on ships, offshore vessels, and structures. The hydrodynamic testing facilities were unanimously accepted as a member of the International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC) in 1986. The other aspects of research covered by the institute are offshore engineering, structures, noise & vibration reduction, machinery, and related systems. In addition to R&D activities for the six...

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12 13 A Digital Shipyard HHI continues to develop and adopt a variety of newly advanced computer-integrated systems to optimize efficiency and economics for ship designing and production ; AVEVA Marine : CAD system for designing hull structural and outfitting NAPA : Basic ship calculations Hull Form Design Plus : Hull form generation MSC/Nastran and MSC/Patran : Structural analysis PLM(Teamcenter)/ERP(SAP)/ DM(Technomatix) : More efficient management of design and production process to improve productivity HHI is to develop an integrated program for CAE/CAD/PLM/ERP and expand Digital...

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Quality Management We at HHI take pride in the quality of our ships and service to our clients. With the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate, we are monitoring, inspecting, analyzing, and improving our quality and service at every step of the building process. This attitude extends to designing, purchasing, outfitting, painting, welding, and outsourcing as well. We will continue to train our workforce, develop technology, improve building methods, and invest on upgrading facilities to produce more competitive quality products for our clients.

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14 15 Health, Safety and Environmental Management (HSE) ‘Safety First’ is our mantra. We at HHI always put the highest priority on Health, Safety, and Environment. To achieve an accident-free workplace, we observe the strictest working standards, train each worker to be committed to safety and invest on facilities to make our shipyard the world’s most eco-friendly. Self-assessed and Interactive Safety : Tool Box Meeting, Management Daily Meeting, Owner’s Joint Safety Forum Hazards & Effect Management : Risk Assessment, Permit to Work, Root Cause Analysis, Safety Task Force Team Education...

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