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Shipbuilding 2008

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Creating a better future- Global Leader

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Introduction We Build a Better Tomorrow Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (HHI) had its ground-breaking ceremony in 1972 in Ulsan, situated on the southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula. HHI started building two 260,000 dwt VLCCs in conjunction with its dry dock construction and, two years later, had a christening ceremony for the two VLCCs with the simultaneous dedication of its shipyard. In 1984, just 10 years after HHI delivered its first VLCC, HHI surpassed 10 million dwt in ship production. HHI has since maintained its position as a leading shipbuilder in the world, currently...

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Since its establishment in 1973, UHI has not only been successful in shipbuilding, but has also expanded its business activities in various heavy industry fields. HHPs goal is to become one of the world's premier heavy industry companies, helping to improve the quality of life in the 21st century. Offshore & Engineering Engine & Machinery Electro Electric Systems Industrial Plant & Engineering Construction Equipment Ship Sales Quality Control Research & Development Computer Center Safety Control Education & framing Center Customer Support

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Building Facilities HHl's facilities include nine dry docks. Currently Dry Docks No. 1 & 8 are allocated for building L1\IG carriers. Dry Dock No. 3, HHl's largest, with 1 mil. dwt capacity, is used for the simultaneous construction of multiple ships. Dry Docks No. 4 & 5 are medium-sized and are used to build up to 150,000 DWT and 70,000 DWT-class vessels, respectively. Construction of naval ships and special-purpose vessels is carried out at Dry Docks No. 6 & 7. Dry Dock No. 9 is specially designed to increase productivity in building VLCCs. Area & Building Capacity/Building Docks

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Advanced Facilities Hyundai's Ulsan shipyard is equipped with the most up-to-date facilities, from fulfy automated steel-cutting lines to environmentalfy-controlled painting shops. With a high level of automation and new production technologies ranging from off-line welding robots and indoor production of 40m long blocks, to the two-component proportioning system in painting, UHI offers a number of advantages - greater productivity gains, reduced building time, and, above all, superb ship quality. HH1 provides an ideal site for shipbuilding that you cannot find anywhere else in the world....

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Model Test Hull Form Design

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renowned in-house research institutes: HMRI (Hyundai Maritime Research Institute), HIRI (Hyundai Industrial TDI (Techno Design Institute). Deep Water Towing Tank with a Full-Width Wave Maker Research & Development HMRI (Hyundai Maritime Research Institute) The Hyundai Maritime Research Institute (HMRI) was formally inaugurated on October 6, 1984, to reinforce the aims of HHI in the marine field. HMRI was unanimously accepted as a member of the International Towing Tank Conference (1TTC) in 1986. HMRI possesses capital facilities and equipment for hydrodynamic research on ships, offshore...

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HIRI (Hyundai Industrial Research Institute) The Hyundai Industrial Research Institute (HlRl) was established in 1983 to improve HHl's welding It plays a vital role in improving production technologies such as welding, casting, plastic deformation, and other material processing methods, including the development of automated production facilities. H1R1 also developed the engineering technologies used to improve the performance, life, and safety of HHl's main products. Current research topics include robotics and laser systems in the mechatronics field, power plants and desalination plants...

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TDI (Techno Design Institute) The Techno Design Institute (TDI) plays an important role in coordinating design development and supports optimal design technologies by supplying new designs of various products and construction. The institute is divided into two departments, the Visual Communication Department and the Product Design Department. The Visual Communication Design Department uses color to aesthetically improve products, and creates web-based designs and corporate or brand identities. The Product Design Department develops and defines products identities. TDI helps cultivate a...

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Computer-Integrated Shipbuilding Computer-Integrated Shipbuilding At UHI almost all shipyard functions depend on a variety of computer systems, from daily administrative work to stock purchasing to all ship design research and manufacturing processes. The various CAE/CAÜ/CAM systems that have been developed to provide optimum efficiency include S1KOB and NAPA for basic ship calculations and Tribon for hull form generation; an AutoDef CAD/CAM system for hull structure design and production; MSC/NasTran, Mechanica, and Iris for structural analysis; Pilot and LRPass for rule calculation;...

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Quality Management Quality Management HHl's policy is to actively meet all contract specifications and regulations in addition to satisfying the needs of every client. HHl's quality assurance systems are designed, organized and implemented to ensure strict quality standards. These systems are acknowledged worldwide by scores of national & international designing and manufacturing organizations. All of HHl's divisions have received 1S09001 Quality Management Certificates. Hyundai's strong commitment to training continues to provide its clients with reliable and high quality products and...

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DETNOHSKE VERITAS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CEHTIFICATE HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO., LTD In helping to create a prosperous future for people, UHI recognizes that health, safety and the environment are integral to mankind's happiness, and to business management, as well. Therefore, UHI pledges to continuously carry out and improve H.S.E. in order to help achieve higher living standards and to establish itself as the global leader in the heavy industries field.

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