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Industrial Plant & Engineering

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Industrial Plant & Building a better future- Global Leader HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD.

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Hyundai Spirit An Enterprising & Pioneering Spirit Can Create Miracles The success or failure of any venture depends on the attitude and thinking of those involved. We have achieved technological advancements that were considered theoretically and scientifically impossible. These accomplishments were the result of an enterprising and pioneering spirit dedicated to hard work. The source of these abilities is the mind. Conviction can inspire extraordinary efforts. An enterprising spirit is the key to performing miracles. I have tackled projects thought to be beyond human capability and my...

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One-Stop Solution The Industrial Plant & Engineering Division has 35 years of extensive experience in industrial plant projects. It provides sophisticated engineering capabilities for power plants and process plants and carries out, on a turnkey basis, all phases of project implementation including engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, commissioning, operation and training. The Industrial Plant & Engineering Division’s core business activities comprise the EPC of thermal, co-generation, combined cycle power plants as well as the supply of industrial boiler, circulating...

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Other Division ... Shipbuilding Offshore & Engineering Hyundai’s shipyards have continuously developed since their founding in 1972 and are now placed firmly at the forefront of the global shipbuilding industry. Hyundai owes its rapid growth and success to its skilled workmanship, advanced facilities, and heavy involvement in technology development. These advantages have enabled Hyundai to build quality ships economically and on schedule. Hyundai shipbuilding will continue to build ships of exceptional quality and provide dedicated customer service while maintaining sound growth in the...

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We are ... Since our introduction into the industrial plant business in 1975, the Industrial Plant & Engineering Division of Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (HHI) has consistently concentrated on efficient management and the accumulation of advanced technology in order to meet the changing demands of various clients. We are now able to provide our clients with a fully integrated service for any project. Currently, the Industrial Plant & Engineering Division is carrying out business activities in the fields of power plants. We can also supply industrial boiler, CFBC boiler, GTL reactor,...

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Company Organization Shipbuilding Engine & Machinery Industrial Plant Engineering Offshore & Engineering Electro Electric Systems Green Energy Construction Equipment Research & Development Administration & Assistance Seoul & Overseas Offices

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Combined Cycle Power Plant Thermal Power Plant Co-generation Plant * Marketing & Business Design & Engineering • Project Management Manufacturing & Construction Process Plant Process Equipment * Quality Management Production Planning Procurement

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Combined Cycle Power Plant We have advanced technical knowledge and decades of experience in the turnkey construction of thermal power plants and co-generation plants. This has allowed us to become a reliable turnkey contractor for combined-cycle power plant, as well. Our experience in combined-cycle power plants includes the 127MW Inchon Airport Combined-Cycle Power Plant in Korea, the 210MW Shaybah Power Generation Plant in Saudi Arabia, the 2,750MW Marafiq Independent Water and Power Project in Saudi Arabia, the 1,245MW Al-Dur Independent Water Power Project in Bahrain, the 2,000MW...

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Marafiq Independent Water and Power Project - Capacity: C/T 152MWx 12 Units, S/T 254MWx 3 Units, 289MWx 1 Unit - Client: Jubail Water and Power Company, Saudi Arabia - Fuel: Natural Cas/Oil Al-Dur Independent Water and Power Project Riyadh PP11 Independent Power Project - Capacity: C/T 201MWx 4 Units, S/T 272MWx 2 Units - Capacity: C/T 157MWx 7 Units, S/T 353MWx 2 Units - Client: Al-Dur Power & Water Company BSC(C), Bahrain - Client: Dhuruma Electricity Company, Saudi Arabia - Fuel: Natural Cas/Oil - Fuel: Natural Cas/Oil Shaybah Power Generation Plant Sabiya Combined Cycle Gas Turbine -...

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Thermal Power Plant We take complete responsibility for turnkey construction of thermal power plants - the performance of various activities ranging from feasibility studies, design and engineering, procurement, manufacturing of major equipment, supply, erection and construction, test and commissioning, operation and maintenance to warranty service.

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Namjeju Thermal Power Plant - Capacity: S/T 100MW x 2 Units Boiler 321T/H x 2 Units - Client: Korea Electric Power Corp., Korea - Fuel: Diesel Oil Hadong Thermal Power Plant Pyeongtaek Thermal Power Plant Makkah Taif Thermal Power Plant Samcheonpo Thermal Power Plant - Capacity: S/T 500MW x 2 Units Boiler 1,720T/H x 2 Units - Client: Korea Electric Power Corp. - Fuel: Coal - Capacity: S/T 65MW x 5 Units Boiler 395T/H x 5 Units - Client: Saline Water Conversion Corp., Saudi Arabia - Fuel: Crude Oil, B-C Oil - Capacity: S/T 350MW x 4 Units Boiler 1,135T/H x 4 Units - Client: Korea Electric...

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Co-Generation Plant Co-generation Facility simultaneously produces of electricity and process steam from single source of fuel. By its very nature, this system considerably reduces overall fuel consumption and therefore has been selected for various applications such as petrochemical process plant, refinery plant and district heating, etc. HHI has constructed 23 co-generation plants domestically and internationally. With our comprehensive engineering capabilities, we are proud of offering the most cost competitive and technically advanced co-generation systems, on a full turnkey basis, to...

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Kumho Petrochemical Co-Generation Plant UPSC Co-Generation Plant - Capacity: S/T 34MW x 1 Unit - Capacity: S/T 40MW x 2 Units Boiler 305T/H x 1 Unit Boiler 250T/H x 2 Units - Client: Kumho Petrochemical Ltd., Korea - Client: Ulsan Petrochemical Service Corp., Korea - Fuel: Coal, B-C Oil - Fuel: Coal, B-C Oil

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