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HHI-EMD Engine & Machinery Division

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Engine & Machinery Division

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MARINE ENGINE THE GLOBALIZATION WITH GREEN TECHNOLOGY Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) had its groundbreaking establishment in March 1972. HHI’s main shipyard, located at Mipo Bay in Ulsan on the southeastern coast of Korea, spreads across 1,200 acres with its main production plants and all necessary auxiliary facilities covering over 800 acres. Since the successful delivery of its first two 260,000 DWT supertankers in 1974, HHI has built and delivered almost every kind of ship to customers all over the world. Backed by technology and experience acquired through streamlined modern facilities...

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Introduction 05 History 06 HHI-EMD Zone 07 HHI-EMD'S GROWTH 07 Business Areas Marine Machinery    '    x 20 Marine Pump 22 Hi-Well Cargo Pumping System 24 Hi-GAS 26 Hi-ERS 28 HiEMS 29 HiCAS 30 Hi-ReGAS 32 NoNOx 34 HiBallast Ballast Water Treatment System 36 EcoBallast Ballast Water Treatment System Engine Power Plant 38 Engine Power Plant 40 Packaged Power Station Production Facility 44 Foundry Shop 45 Machining Shop & Assembly-Test Shop Customer Service 46 Hyundai Global Service 47 HiMSEN Global Academy Research & Development 48 Quality Management 49 Research & Development 50 World...

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HHI-EMD Zone HHI-EMD’s Growth MAIN OFFICE ZONE 1. Main Building & Annex ENGINE SHOP 1 ZONE 2. Crankshaft Shop 1 3. Machining Shop 1-1 4. Machining Shop 1-2 5. 4-Stroke Engine Ass'y & Test Shop 1 6. 2-Stroke Engine Ass'y & Test Shop 2-1 7. 2-Stroke Engine Ass'y & Test Shop 1-1 8. 2-Stroke Engine Ass'y & Test Shop 1-2 9. Propeller Shop 1 10. Foundary Shop ENGINE SHOP 2 ZONE 11.2-Stroke Engine Ass'y & Test Shop 2-2 12. Machining Shop 2-1 13. Machinery Ass'y Shop ENGINE SHOP 3 ZONE 14. Crankshaft Shop 2 15. 4-Stroke Engine Ass'y & Test Shop 2 16. 2-Stroke Engine Ass'y & Test Shop 1-3 YARD 2...

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MARINE ENGINE 2-Stroke Engine Main Products HHI-EMD has been supplying “One out of Three” of the world’s two-stroke engines for marine propulsion and power generation in pursuit of providing our valuable customers with high quality and economical solutions. • yundai-MAN Diesel & Turbo H Global Leader | HHI Engine & Machinery Division HHI-EMD's established reputation is supported by its superb performance in marine and stationary engines along with its state-of-the-art facilities such as foundry, forging, machining, crankshaft, assembly and test shops. 2. -stroke Engine Assembly & 2 Test...

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MARINE ENGINE Crankshaft HHI-EMD produces semi-built-up and mono-block crankshafts, using the most up-to-date CNC and NC heavy-duty crankshaft and crank-throw lathes. Main Products Turbocharger Based on its wealth of experience and technology in manufacturing engines and precision machinery, HHI-EMD produces exhaust gas turbochargers under a technical tie-up with ABB Turbo Systems and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI). • 2-stroke engine crankshaft • 4-stroke engine crankshaft Global Leader | HHI Engine & Machinery Division Main Products Assembly 2. 4-stroke Engine Crankshaft

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MARINE ENGINE Propeller & Shaft Steam Turbine HHI-EMD produces a wide variety of marine propellers with a diameter up to 11 meters and a maximum unit weight of 114 tons. The main materials are manganese bronze and nickel-aluminum bronze. HHI-EMD employs a comprehensively computerized design, manufacturing and inspection system for these products. Propeller Shop • Maximum: 114 tons in Weight, 11 m in Diameter • Minimum: 10 tons in Weight, 3 m in Diameter • Machining Equipment: NC Blade Milling M/C x 3 sets • Boss Boring M/C x 3 sets • Riser Cutting M/C x 2 sets • Horizontal Balancing M/C x 2...

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MARINE ENGINE 4-Stroke HiMSEN Engine Rated Power for Marine GenSets The HiMSEN engines are medium speed 4-stroke engines that HHI-EMD developed independently with 10 years of R&D, and can be used for both ship propulsion and power generation for onshore power plants. Since the first production of 4 units in 2001, HHI-EMD has delivered more than 10,000 units of this HiMSEN engines to 550 clients from 43 countries. HHI introduced the next generation CLEAN (Customer, reLiability, Environment, Acceptable Technology, No Defect) HiMSEN engine. The new model H21C improved power output and fuel...

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MARINE ENGINE HiMSEN Propulsion System HiMSEN Dual Fuel Engines for Propulsion HHI-EMD provides the HiMSEN Propulsion System with reliable, cost effective and environment-friendly solutions. The optimized package includes: • HiMSEN Engines • C.P. / F.P. Propeller with shafting • Pitch and Speed Control • Load Control • Reduction Gear • Shaft Generator • Auxiliary Machineries Cylinder output Performance Highlights • Improved transient operation with pulse charging turbocharger • Invisible smoke with pulse charging turbocharger by part load matching • Lower thermal load engine with lower...

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MARINE MACHINERY Marine Pump Cargo Oil Pumping System • argo Oil Pumps & Water Ballast Pumps C • Steam Turbine (COPT & WBPT) • Cargo Oil Stripping Pump • utomatic Vacuum Stripping System (AVSS) A Steam Turbines for Marine Pump HHI-EMD has played as a key maker in the industrial pump market over 30 years. Based on its commitment to R&D and better experiences, HHI-EMD has supplied cargo oil pumps and water ballast pumps with steam turbines since 1995. HHI-EMD diversifies into turbines and generators for various applications from nuclear and thermal power plants to mechanical drives. Pump...

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MARINE MACHINERY Hi-Well Cargo Pumping System TM Hi-Well Cargo Pumping System is based upon hydraulically driven submerged cargo pumps for chemical and product carriers, crude carriers, FPSO units and others. The system is designed for efficient cargo handling, stripping and tank cleaning. Hi-Well is designed, manufactured and factory-tested by computer-aided technology and the most qualified expert engineers. How It Works Components    Major    Optional • Hi-Well cargo pump    • Diffuser • Hydraulic power package    • Side thruster & Control block • Control system    • Cargo heater •...

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