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HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. HEAD 1000, Bangeojinsunhwan-doro, Dong-gu, Ulsan, Korea SEOUL 140-2, Gye-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul 1 10-793, Korea Creating a better future- Global Leader HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD.

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HHI INNOVATION Infinite Possibilities Hyundai Heavy Industries Implementation of a Global Management System HHI's global management system actively responds to the continuous changes of the global economy characterized by enconomic integration and proliferation of regional economic blocs. Following years of robust business by the Construction Equipment Division and Electro Electric Systems Division in the Chinese market, HHI is now making progress into other BRIC economies and other promising markets by securing a first-to-market advantage through the expansion of production...

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HHI INNOVATION Everything Starts Here Hyundai Heavy Industries became the world’s first shipbuilder to deliver it’s 1,700th ship on January, 2011 HHI World Records World’s first 100 Mil. BHP Production Milestone Achievement 2010. 9 Production of 20 Mil. BHP in Four Stroke Diesel Engines in the Shortest Period 2010. 3 World’s Largest LNG Carrier Production ( 216,000 m3 ) 2007. 11 World’s Largest Engine Production (108,900 BHP) 2007. 6 Construction of the World’s First Oil Tanker Built Using ‘On-ground Build Method’ (105,000 DWT) 2005. 1 World’s Largest Propeller Production...

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HHI INNOVATION An Enterprising & Pioneering Spirit Can Create Miracles The success or failure of any venture depends on the attitude and thinking of those involved. We have achieved technological advancements that were considered theoretically and scientifically impossible. These accomplishments were the result of an enterprising and pioneering spirit dedicated to hard work and diligence. The source of these abilities is the mind. Conviction can inspire extraordinary efforts. An enterprising spirit is the key to performing miracles. I have tackled projects thought to be beyond...

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HHI INNOVATION CEO Message “ We will continue to honour these precious Lee Jai-seong President & CEO relationships and offer our clients the best products and services available. ” Since our establishment in 1972, Hyundai Heavy Industries co., Ltd. has overcome numerous challenges while maintaining a leading position in the global shipbuilding industry. To Our Global Business Friends Today HHI stands as a full-fledged heavy industries company with seven business divisions, including our shipbuilding unit. The 21st century requires a new vision. Global markets are opening and...

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HHI INNOVATION Innovation Creates New Value Multiply Your Value At Hyundai Heavy Industries, we continue to push forward into new areas through our commitment to advanced technology and our core values inherited by our founder Chung Ju-yung; Creative Wisdom, Positive Thinking, Unwavering Drive. 08 HHI INNOVATION I Innovation Creates New Value HHI INNOVATION I Innovation Creates New Value 09

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HHI INNOVATION Shipbuilding A Versatile & Flexible Shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy’s shipyards have continuously developed since their founding in 1972 and are now placed firmly at the forefront of the global shipbuilding industry. We owe our rapid growth and success to our skilled workmanship, advanced facilities, and heavy involvement in technology development. These advantages have enabled Hyundai to build quality ships economically and on schedule. HHI shipbuilding will continue to build ships of exceptional quality and provide dedicated customer service while maintaining sound...

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HHI INNOVATION Shipbuilding As a leading shipbuilder, HHI has delivered more than 1,730 ships of over 147 million DWT to 259 shipowners from 48 countries. The types of vessels built include bulk carriers, crude oil tankers, product carriers, containerships, OBO carriers, pure car carriers, Ro-Ro ships, LNG/LPG carriers, passenger ships, FPSO, VLOO, drillships, and naval & special vessels. Main Products Crude Oil Tankers * Product Carriers * LNG/LPG Carriers * VLOO Bulk Carriers * Containerships * Pure Car Carriers * Ore/Bulk/OBO Carriers * Roll-on/Roll-off Ships * FPSO *...

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HHI INNOVATION Main Products Destroyers * Frigates * Submarines * Corvettes * OPV * IPV * FAC * Logistic Support Vessels (AO & AOE) * Service Vessels * Advanced Hulls * Passenger Car Ferries Naval and Special Shipbuilding Division An Experienced Builder of Naval & Special Vessels Hyundai Heavy Industries is an experienced naval shipbuilder. We have built a variety of modern sophisticated naval and auxiliary service vessels since 1975, when the Korean Ministry of National Defense chose HHI to design and build the Ulsan-class frigates. The Naval and Special Shipbuilding Division...

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HHI INNOVATION Engine & Machinery The World’s Largest Diesel-Engine Builder Our Engine & Machinery Division has earned a strong reputation since 1978 for marine engines. HHI-EMD has captured 35% of the global marine diesel engine market. Clients recognize the high quality of our engines. HHI-EMD has also become a leader in diesel power generation. Both domestic and overseas diesel power plants use our world-class engines as their prime movers. The business activities of HHI-EMD have expanded to diverse fields such as industrial machinery that include Robots Systems, Steam...

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HHI INNOVATION Stationary Power Plants Since HHI successfully completed the 115-MW-class diesel power plant in 1985, HHI has delivered 1,404 engines for diesel power plants to 146 sites in 36 countries. We have expanded our activities in the diesel power generation sector and is playing a leading role in the global power market. HHI has completed quality diesel power plants throughout the world as a turnkey contractor, including a 200 MW diesel power plant in India, the world’s largest power plant using a diesel engine as its prime mover. Based on advanced technology...

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