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BUILT WITH EXPERIENCE AND THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY The latest generation of the Hyster H8-16XM-6 Range of Heavy Duty Forklifts is a market leader, building on the unique experience and success Hyster has had of providing application focused solutions to customers in a wide range of heavy industries for over 50 years. This latest model is the 9th generation machine, and applies 3-gear automatic transmission via the APC200 soft-shift this experience, together with the latest advancements in system, featuring additionally protective lock-out on technology, to create a range of forklift trucks...

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POWER & PERFORMANCE The H8-16XM-6 range is available with Cummins Diesel engines. These engines meet the Stage IIIA and Stage IIIB emissions legislation. STAGE IIIA ENGINES: STAGE IIIB ENGINE: This diesel engine conforms to Stage IIIA emission standards For use mainly within EU (European Union) countries, trucks and will be supplied into markets where the NRMM (Non with Stage IIIB diesel engines have signicantly reduced Road Mobile Machinery) Stage lllB legislation does not apply. exhaust gas emissions. Also by applying Hyster Intelligent The Stage IIIA Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel engine...

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DRIVE AXLE Autoshift Transmission The wide AxleTech drive axle offers: This powertrain is connected to the Z.F 3WG161 3-speed . Excellent sideways stability. autoshift transmission and the AxleTech PRC-425 Long-term durability thanks to the tment of strong end-reduction shafts and gears. This 3 speed autoshift system features: Oil-immersed ‘wet disc’ brakes feature oil cooling for Smooth inching characteristic for precise load handling durability and are virtually maintenance free. while stacking. Parking brake: Separate dry disc brake on the drive axle A column-mounted lever or a Monotrol...

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CLASS LEADING ERGONOMICS The H8-16XM-6 series features the Hyster “Vista” cab, now common across the Hyster Big Truck range. The cab has been designed to offer an industry-leading ergonomic operator environment, and focuses on maximising driver comfort and visibility for maximum levels of productivity during the operating cycle. Access is easy, thanks to wide opening doors with low mounted running boards. The fully adjustable armrest adjusts with the seat height for minimized arm movement resulting in maximum driver comfort and reduced driver fatigue. The armrest houses the integrated...

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SUPERIOR VISIBILITY The Vista Cab also contributes to providing the driver with excellent all-round visibility, featuring: Large curved front window, tted with tinted safety glass. Front, rear and top wipers, washers and demisters, a fresh Curved rear window with one-piece glass. air inlet, sliding windows, an effective heater and defroster Minimum use of steel parts, providing the maximum possible glazed area. Upward visibility is virtually free from obstruction, thanks to a clever overhead guard design: The overhead bars curve outwards to create a panoramic upward view. Wide-view rear...

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RUGGED FRONT-END CONSTRUCTION MATCHES APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS All Hyster H8-16XM-6 forklift trucks are equipped with heavy duty Vista masts to handle all types of load. 3 different mast strengths, appropriate to the truck The Hyster pin-type carriage is an integral piece of the rugged capacity, ensures the right mast for the job. front-end construction. Its design benets from Hyster’s long Designed with the modern FEM experience, to ensure maximum performance combined with (Finite Element Modelling) system. excellent visibility. Equipped with rollers and side bearing blocks for A wide...

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FAST MACHINE FOR MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY The hydraulic system is highly efcient, and features ‘Power on Demand’ by means of ‘Variable Displacement Pump(s) (VDP). A new 105 cm3 dual piston hydraulic The result is lifting speeds that are class leading: pump is tted as standard for the The practical 4-mode average lifting speed is a fantastic 0.40 m/sec to H8–12XM-6 Stage IIIB models to achieve better performance. #) Average of four lifting modes: The H8–12XM-6 Stage IIIA models Unladen lift speed = 0.32 to 0.51 m/sec are equipped with 90 cm3 single Laden lift speed = 0.28 to 0.49 m/sec piston...

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STRENGTH & STABILITY Excellent stability boosts operator condence and truck versatility, making the H8-16XM-6 series suitable for the harshest applications: All nominal capacities are rated to include the sideshift carriage. This means that a Hyster vehicle with a standard non-sideshift carriage has an extra capacity from 400kg to 1000kg. The H8-16XM-6 series has been designed to handle loads to high lift heights. There is no reduced capacity up to and including 6200 mm. Even above 6200 mm lift height the de-ration has been kept to a minimum. Due to the short load distance (“x” measurement...

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EASY SERVICEABILITY The Hyster H8-16XM-6 series is renowned for its ease of maintenance. The truck is easily accessible with unobstructed access to the engine compartment and conveniently located service check points: Equipped as standard with either a manual or electric Centralised diagnostics in the operator cab. tilting cab, to ensure easy access to major components ‘CANbus’ connections in the operator cab, for engine, transmission, hydraulics and instruments cluster. Gas-spring assisted gull wing hoods for convenient access LCD display with diagnostics for engine, transmission and to...

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OTHER FEATURES HYDRAULICS Hyster’s ‘Variable Displacement Pump(s) (VDP) results in high lift speeds, in combination with a Hyster designed 2 stage mast. Leak-free ORFS (O-ring) type ttings are used throughout the whole machine. The hydraulic oil tank is equipped with an external sight glass for oil level. Filtration: Full-ow return line lter with 10 micron cartridge on the main system. 24 Volt system, 70 A alternator. ‘CANbus’ connection in the operator cab, for engine, transmission, hydraulics and instruments cluster. LCD display with diagnostics for engine, transmission and electrical...

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