H16XMS-12/H18XM-12 - 16T - 18T EN - 16 Pages

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H16XMS-12/H18XM-12 - 16T - 18T EN

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STRONG PARTNERS. TOUGH TRUCKS. High Capacity Forklift Trucks

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Specification Data is based on VDI 2198 H16.00-18.00XM(S)-12 NOTE: Specifications are affected by the conditions of the vehicle ✝ Gradeability figures (lines 5.7 & 5.8) are provided for comparison of and how it is equipped, as well as the nature and condition of the operation of the vehicle on the stated inclines. Follow instructions application should be discussed with your dealer. 02 tractive performance, but are not intended to endorse the operating area. If these specifications are critical, the proposed in the operating manual regarding operation on inclines.

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a = Minimum operating clearance (V.D.I, standard = 200 mm, BITA recommendation = 300 mm) Drawbar pull performance figures are only Indicative for comparison purpose. These performances are only possible for a short period ■ Deduct 55mm for open module version / exhaust pipe Hyster products are subject to change without notice. Lift trucks Illustrated may feature optional equipment. The capacities quoted are In conformance with ISO 1074 standard Safety: This truck conforms to the current EU requirements.

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H16.00XM(S)-12 - Rating @ 1 200 mm and Multi-Rating @ 1 200, 1 000, 900mm H18.00XM(S)-12 - Rating @ 1 200 mm and Multi-Rating @ 1 200, 1 000, 900mm Capacity Ratings High Capacity * Multi-rating at 1 200-1 000-900 mm load centre (and a › At load centres shorter than 1200mm load centres, corresponding mast back tilt angle, depending on mast capacities higher than nominal are possible, e.g.: lift height, please refer to the capacity table above). - H16.00XM(S)-12 handles 18 140 kg @ 900 mm l.c., Masts up to 5.40 m lift height. › speeds, both laden and unladen. - H18.00XM(S)-12 handles 20 410...

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Carriage › › Fork positioning range for H18.00XM(S)-12:1000 mm is a minimum, over the forks (500 mm in between carriage › Multi-purpose, hook-type, sideshift, fork positioning forks) and 2750 mm maximum, over the forks. Overall width 2672 mm for H16.00XM(S)-12, and › 2900 mm for H18.00XM(S)-12. › Multi-purpose quick-disconnect system, for use with multi-purpose hook-type forks. Sideshift movement, to each side, is 0-361 mm for Forks H16.00XM(S)-12, and 0-437 mm for H18.00XM(S)-12, › depending on the position of the forks. › With independent fork positioners (forks can be moved...

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_ The HI 6.00-18.00XMÍ.S)-12 Series benefits from Hyster's long experience of designing and building high capacity forklift trucks. This is the 5th generation machine, since the H360A of 1951, and offers fast handling, reliable proven components, high productivity and represents an excellent return on investment.

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Extra Value Features The H16.00-18.00XM(S)-12 range represents impressive value, in a high-specification package: Compact › H18.00XM-12 model now features the same 3.75 m wheelbase as the H16.00XM-12. › › › Engine and transmission protection systems. Strong and wide AxleTech drive axle with oil-immersed (wet) disc brakes. › Generously sized cooling system (engine, transmission, brakes, hydraulic system), making the The compact “S” (short) H16.00XMS-12 and truck suitable for working in ambient temperatures of H18.00XMS-12models, feature a shortened up to 50°C in normal operating conditions,...

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Strength & Durability The extensive truck cooling system (engine, transmission, brakes, hydraulic system) makes the truck massive front axle supports. › The H16.00-18.00XM(S)-12 features an immensely strong frame, with 16 mm thick members and › suitable for normal applications in ambient The AxleTech PRC1756 planetary drive axle provides stability and durability; whilst the oil-immersed (wet) disc brakes reduce maintenance requirements. › temperatures of up to 50°C, or up to 45°C for heavy duty operations. › for engine (water and intercooler) and transmission is The S.O.H. TE13 or...

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Power & Performance Lifting speeds are class-leading. The practical 4- Power Package for H16.00XM-12 & H16.00XMS-12: mode average lifting speed is a fantastic 0.36 m/sec.* › › 2000 rpm. *Average of four lifting modes: unladen lift speed = 0.38 m/sec., Cummins QSB6.7 with max. 145 kW (197 Hp) at › This engine is combined with the S.O.H. (Spicer Off- fully laden lift speed = 0.33 m/sec., unladen lowering speed = 0.39 m/sec., transmission, fitted with APC200 ‘Soft-shift’ automatic laden lowering speed = 0.34 m/sec. › Highway) model TE13, 3-speed powershift gear shifting, and protective forward...

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Ergonomic Design This new H16.00-18.00XM(S)-12 series features the now familiar Hyster ‘Vista’ cab, which offers the › and lever controls, push-button parking brake and optimum ergonomic operator environment, and focuses on maximising driver comfort and visibility for maximum productivity. › Large windows, fitted with tinted safety glass, offer excellent all-round visibility. This is further enhanced conveniently positioned instruments. › › floor to help achieve low noise levels. The noise level is 74 dB(A) Leq BITA equivalent at driver’s ear. wipers (with intermittent wipe function) and...

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Outstanding All-round Visibility › The state-of-the-art operator compartment is mounted in a mid-high forward position for outstanding overall visibility. › Operator visibility is also enhanced by the curved front window, the strong yet slim-line cab construction, the ‘wave pattern’ overhead guard, plus wipers on the front, top and rear screens. › › › Sunshades are fitted on the top and rear windscreens Wide-view rear view mirrors inside the cab. The truck is equipped with a comprehensive set of road- and work lights and an orange flashing beacon. See full details under Lights. › The mast...

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Other Features High Performance Hydraulics Wheels & Tyres › › Leak-free ORFS (O-ring) type fittings are used Large 12.00 x 24 or 14.00 x 24 size tyres are fitted for throughout the whole truck. Hydraulic tank capacity is 320 litres. Bias pneumatic lug tread tyres are standard. Extensive cooling system with a triple cooler, for the Optionally available are: Radial pneumatic lug tread brakes and the hydraulic system is ideally mounted tyres or Pneumatic Shaped Solid tyres. at the front of the truck. › › improved tyre life and lower running costs. Note: A hydraulic accumulator in the lift...

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