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Electrics Range

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STRONG PARTNERS. TOUGH TRUCKS. TM ELECTRICS RANGE Counterbalanced Lift Trucks 1 000-5 500 kg

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Electric Efficiency in the Palm of your Hand Hyster Electrics: Working Around the Clock Get More Solutions from Strong Partners. Tough Trucks. Product Highlights Throw Some Light on Low Cost of Ownership Get More Driver Productivity Get More Dependability and Serviceability Get More Choice (product options) Get More Electric - Range Overview Productivity Serviceablility

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Hyster Electric Forklifts Day or Night, Indoors or Out, 24/7 The latest generation of Hyster electric forklifts are at the forefront of technology in terms of their ability to deliver low cost of ownership and low energy consumption. They offer a total solution to the needs of a vast array of industries and applications, where clean environmental conditions are critical. They work indoors or outdoors, day or night, even 24 hours a day. Hyster Electrics deliver the right energy balance to your operation - this means they can match your need for performance with your need to save energy to...

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Get More Solutions We know that our customers don’t want lift trucks. They want a complete solution to their materials handling needs. They want high productivity and throughput without the worry, leaving them to concentrate on their core business. The new “XN” range of Hyster Electric forklift trucks contribute significantly to our total solution to your needs. They deliver energy efficient performance that backs up our low cost of ownership promise. With Hyster you get the benefit of the global resources of a world leading supplier combined with expert advice, financial solutions and...

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Product Highlights The new generation Hyster Electrics, like all Hyster products are designed to deliver supreme dependability and low cost of ownership.

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Pacesetter VSM™ (Vehicle System Manager) Bright and longer lasting lights; including front and optimise performance and significantly increase reverse, brake and rear lights. All vehicle systems are managed electronically to rear working lights, side markers, direction indicators, overall reliability. Enhances diagnostic capabilities for maximum uptime and enables customisation of truck Operator compartment performance to suit application needs. Ergonomically designed operator compartment enhances overall productivity. Features include: Removable two-piece floor plate increased foot space...

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Get the right Energy Balance The new Hyster Electric trucks can tailored to your precise application Saving energy not only lowers your needs, which means lowest energy cost of operation but also reduces e-Balance (Energy Balance) consumption, competitive productivity carbon emissions, which is beneficial delivering the most cost effective and the lowest overall cost of operation. You can choose from two levels of The Lowest Energy Consumption It means giving you no more or no The JXNT and JXN ranges comsume less power than you need. The the least energy, compared with other perfect...

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Lowest Energy Consumption Truck Operators are Key to e-Balance According to the VDI 2198 standard test, the JXNT range Innovative, class leading ergonomic features create provides the lowest energy consumption in the market harmony between the operator and the truck (see Similar tests with the J2.2-3.5XN Advance model illustrated that when programmed with the eLo setting the Truck settings customized to operator preference or ability allow them to handle the truck most effectively truck use 20% less energy than the competitor average and with the HiP setting it uses 16% less energy. System...

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Throw Some Light on Low Cost of Ownership The cost of running your materials Hyster Electric trucks contribute to The latest ergonomic innovations handling fleet is an important low cost of ownership by delivering make your drivers more comfortable factor in the profitability of your extraordinary dependability, driver business. Throw some light on the productivity, low energy consumption, cycle times. life-time costs of your Hyster Dependability Dependable transmissions with Operator Costs limited servicing requirements and Operator costs alone can account for reliable hydraulics and...

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Energy Management A wide range of models and Long term reliability means lower maintenance costs and 1000 hour tonnes allows you to match the service intervals. truck to your application. High quality, more durable parts, including brushless, enclosed AC truck performance and throughput traction motors save time and for your operation at the lowest cost. E-Balance delivers the optimum The lowest energy consumption of any trucks in their class. Day or night, your trucks run for Side extraction battery removal longer, keeping your running costs means improved energy down and delivering faster...

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1.2 Maximum permitted EU level Hyster Seat Competitor Seat Red denotes highest pressure on a colour scale Get More Driver Productivity Hyster electric forklifts are alive with ground breaking ergonomic features that deliver maximum operator comfort and control. The result is high driver confidence that inspires increased energy efficiency and class-leading productivity. Fully adjustable, full suspension seat for superior comfort. Suspension setting is easily adjustable with clear view weight indicator. Dual armrest with built-in minilever module, or alternative seat side manual levers....

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03 Graph shows the results of a 05 Synchronised steering ensures 08 A reverse grab handle with pressure mapping comparison that the steering knob always defaults integrated horn button enhances between the Hyster seat and a to a position selected by the operator, driver comfort and truck control when leading competitor’s seat, which when travelling in a straight line. offers class leading comfort. 06 New heads-up display, increases 09 Easy to use 3-point entry design (Red denotes highest pressure on a the driver’s field of vision. demonstrates that the Hyster seat 10 A choice of weather...

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