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SIERRA AIR - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

S i e r r a A i r 1 0 0 • 1 4 0 • 1 5 0 F I R E F I G H T E R 4 0 0 S E R I E S H.O. Bostrom’s Sierra Air series – combining our rugged air suspension system with our ergonomically designed upper seat – brings you the ultimate in driver comfort. Sierra air suspension seats are ideal for emergency response applications: • Adjustable while driving – no need to stop or stand up! • Dampen out even the roughest ride! Designed for long lasting service, our scissors suspension design distributes the driver’s weight to minimize wear and tear on load-bearing components. When you’re looking for comfortable, durable seating, look to H.O. Bostrom. special Sierra Air-100RX/4 Air Suspension Seat (4" travel) shown with optional back recline features 400 SERIES Sierra Air-150RX/4 Sierra RX/4 (6" travel) Maroon combo cloth Optional armrests H. O. B O S T R O M models available Sierra FX/4 (non-suspension, fixed back) Sierra RX/4 (non-suspension, reclining back) Sierra Air-100FX/4 (4" travel, fixed back) Sierra Air-100RX/4 (4" travel, reclining back) Sierra Air-140FX/4 (5" travel, fixed back) Sierra Air-140RX/4 (5" travel, reclining back) Sierra Air-150FX/4 (6" travel, fixed back) Sierra Air-150RX/4 (6" travel, reclining back)

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SIERRA AIR 100 • 140 • 150 FIREFIGHTER ✹ 400 SERIES High back (low back available) Built-in lumbar support Optional flip-up armrests SERIES Available in vinyl, cloth and Mordura upholstery ✹ ✹ ✹ Back recline ✹ Driver weight/ride adjustment 5" fore/aft adjustment (Optional 9" fore/aft) ✹ Air suspension with 6" travel isolates shock (models with 4" and 5" travel available) ✹ The H.O. Bostrom Advantage As a worldwide leader in seating for over 50 years, H.O. Bostrom produces seats and seating accessories for off-highway, specialized on-highway, industrial, healthcare, marine and railroad industries....

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