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CCTV Technology
CCTV facilitates centralized
monitoring from one or several
control stations installed locally or
remotely, providing complete view of
all areas and processes on ships,
offshore installations, production
plants and refineries.
HERNIS’ new generation modular
CCTV architecture offers multiCCTV-system-access. The user logs
on to his local CCTV system, but can
access and control any external
HERNIS 500 CCTV system that he is
authorized for. The user is hence
able to control a virtually unlimited
number of cameras spread over vast
geographical areas.
One operator monitoring all critical
areas from a central control point
can respond to a series of
simultaneous events more efficiently
than a number of individuals located
in the field, improving efficiency,
safety and ensuring increased
CCTV Camera
CCTV Camera
Multicable transferring
Data, Power and Video
HERNIS pioneered the integration of
CCTV into other computerized
systems and today HERNIS CCTV
systems can be fully integrated into
existing systems like management
systems, distributed control systems,
process control and fire, gas and
intruder alarms.
HERNIS offers full adaptation to
existing communication infrastructure
in all aspects.
PTZ camera station
with IP connectivity
Operator´s Monitor
and Control Panel
Operator´s Computer

Hernis CCTV
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    HERNIS HERNIS CCTV COOPER World leading CCTV solutions for Marine and Petroleum related industries
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    The HERNIS WayHERNIS is the world leader inhigh quality Closed CircuitTele­­­vision (CCTV) Systems.Our equip­ ent ismcharacterized...
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    Quality at work HERNIS is proud to say we have a zest for quality. Quality improvement is a continuous process embraced by the entire HERNIS...
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    DNV Type Approval In 2005 the first HERNIS camera stations were DNV Type Approved. Today HERNIS can offer full CCTV systems consisting exclusively...
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    Business segments Onshore HERNIS pioneered the integration of CCTV with other systems including process control and fire-, gas- and intruder...
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    HERNIS is there for the customer! With more than 50 business partners and service stations worldwide, as well as a 24-hours service telephone, the...
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    HERNIS Analogue and Digital Control SystemsHERNIS is an experiencedprovider of CCTV solutions.Over the years we havedeveloped control systemssuitable for...
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