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Flexibility where it counts

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Ballast tank challenge • Technology • Performance Universal primer concept • Cost-effective where it counts 2 Contents

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Fibre-based advantage Adding fibres to different materials to i=¿¿' ' boost both strength and flexibility is now a common practice in modern industry. Fibre- based materials are eminently suitable for uses that range from bulletproof vests and sports equipment to Formula 1 racing cars and spacecraft. However, Hempel is the first manufacturer to apply and optimise this technology to protective epoxy coatings. The new HEMPADUR FIBRE 4760 contains specially selected synthetic fibres that provide clear improvements in the overall performance of this unique coating, a fact clearly demonstrated...

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Example of the development of cracks and subsequent corrosion in a conventional epoxy coating applied with an excessive dry film thickness. The ballast tank challenge Ballast tanks account for a significant part of the total surface area of a ship on which protective coatings are required. Yet ballast tanks are among the most complicated areas to coat because of their sheer size and design, and because access water or cargo, with temperatures often very different from that of the tank structure. The parts of the tank most severely affected are normally along edges and in corners, where the...

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Hempel has developed a breakthrough in protective epoxy coatings - by adding synthetic mineral fibres to an optimised epoxy formulation. The new HEMPADUR FIBRE 4760, specially designed for coating the inner surfaces of ballast tanks, features added benefits in epoxy technology, with no adverse effects. When developing HEMPADUR FIBRE 4760, Hempel selected a specific type of fibre, optimised for use in this particular type of coating. Synthetic mineral fibres are more flexible than epoxy binders, which means that the ballast tank coating itself is also more flexible and thus less likely to...

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HEMPADUR FIBRE 4760 in aluminium version applied in ballast tanks during newbuilding. Universal primer concept HEMPADUR FIBRE 4760 is more than just an excellent ballast In addition to its performance properties, HEMPADUR FIBRE tank coating. This specialist product is also recommended for 4760 features significant application benefits. It is easy to most other surfaces on the vessel, including the hull, decks, apply by brush, spray and roller, and will cure down to -10°C superstructure and cargo holds. This makes it possible to limit (+14°F). These properties are very similar to...

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Maintenance work inside a vessel's ballast tanks is time- consuming, manpower-intensive and costly, and can result in long periods of downtime. This rapidly eats into operating margins. It is therefore important to enable shipowners and operators to keep such ballast tank maintenance to a minimum. One of the most effective ways to do this is to include a low- maintenance ballast tank coating in the initial specifications, while the vessel is being built. To minimise all in-service maintenance, it is also important that any coating system applied to ballast tank surfaces is as durable The...

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The Hempel Group's Head Office E-mail: marine@dk.hempel.com

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