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For revenue earning spaces and exposed areas of ships

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Application of coating in a cargo hold. ail of bulkheads, vertical stiffeners and hoppers in a cargo hold after coating HEMPADUR MULTI-STRENGTH 4575 is a self-priming two-component highly abrasion resistant coating with excellent resistance to a broad range of chemically aggressive dry cargoes. These benefits are obtained by utilizing pure epoxy binder and inert mineral fillers. The product has also very low water permeability, thus high resistance to seawater is achieved providing long-term performance especially for submerged areas i.e. ballast tanks, underwater hull and floodable cargo...

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The world largest bulk carrier "Berge Stahl", Cargo Hold Coating Requirements Certain areas on a ship such as the bow, outer hull, decks and cargo holds are subject to severe abrasion and mechanical damage. Coatings used to protect these areas of a ship need to deliver corrosion protection, withstand both high mechanical, thermal, hygroscopic and chemical stress. The profitability of a bulk carrier is highly dependant on the durability of the coating used in its cargo hold. Angular cargoes such as iron ore, coal, coke, bauxite, sulphur, rocks and scrap iron can inflict severe damage to a...

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HEMPADUR MULTI-STRENGTH HEMPADUR MULTI-STRENGTH has been extensively applied during the building stage or at major refurbishments on a broad range of vessel types i.e. bulk carriers, oil tankers, chemical tankers, product carriers, container vessels, cargo vessels, car carriers, passenger ferries, naval vessels, fishing trawlers and other vessel types. HEMPADUR MULTI-STRENGTH has been used, on the following areas, among others, with successful long-term Against excessive abrasion due to mechanical impact during loading of several mineral car¡ Against chemical aggressiveness of certain types...

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Features and benefits For the ship yard: For the owner: • igh build coating Fewer coats are needed and higher H productivity is achieved • Easy on board maintenance Minor areas, can be maintained by Hempel’s epoxy mastic range Application from -10° C to 40° C • relevant application • vailable in light color A Flexibility in planning Easy to apply, easy to inspect Short dry to walk on time • other installations Short time to wait to perform Multi-purpose product Less products when large repairs • are being carried out in more than one area i.e. cargo holds, ballast tanks and outer hull...

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The Hempel Group Head Office E-mail: protective@dk.hempel.com E-mail: marine@dk.hempel.com

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