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Recreational Vehicle Brochure

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Luxury Seating HEADHUNTER Motor Coach Group S A N I T A T I O N S Y S T E M S

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'Reliable Water Flush Headhunter's Royal Flush toilets set the standard for quality, relia- bility, and ease of use in today's modern luxury motor coach. Headhunter equipment has been specified worldwide for over twenty years in applications where rugged dependability and eleganti good looks are para- mount. You'll find our sanitation systems on the world's finest Megayachts, commercial fishing vessels, offshore oil platforms, Class A motor homes, and luxury motor coach conversions. At a single touch of the integral switch, pressurized water is accelerated through a jet to macerate|and...

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WATER PRESSURE SYSTEM The Mach 5 water pressure system from Headhunter represents the next quantum leap in RV pump technology with many advanced features and improvements over conventional water pressure pumps. An integrated control system provides instant dry run protection, and allows the pump to be used with or without a pressure accumulator tank. The Mach 5 incorporates a state-of-the-art multistage impeller system driv- en by a super-efficient water-cooled motor to generate up to 20 gallons per minute, instantaneously, on demand, and in virtual silence. An easy to read control panel on...

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Tank Sentry FLUID LEVEL MONITORS Our programmable fluid level monitors provide reliable and accurate tank level indication. There are no moving parts to foul, or electrical components inside the tank. Unaffected by floating solids or stray current, the Tank Sentry is the ideal solution for the toughest of fluid level monitoring assignments. The Tank Sentry’s voltage output signal can be easily linked to an onboard computer. TS-3000 Series monitors The TS-1501B when installed with our auto-fill valve lets you adjust the start and stop level for auto-filling your freshwater tank. All Tank...

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AU the products shown here are provided in the Headhunter Coachpak. Headhunter provides unparalleled technical support for its OEM customers. By choosing a Headhunter sanitation sys- tem, you are assured of the industry's most technically advanced, highest quality plumbing equipment, and access to our team of specialty engineers and technicians. We can assist you with engineering issues, equipment layout, code compliance, and on-site inspection and training. Headhunter has developed the Coachpak specifically for its OEM motor coach customers. The Coachpak includes all the major items...

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we design our products and services to help make your travels more enjoya Headhunter's Motor Coach Group is committed to providing the very best in sanitation equipment, engineering design, and customer service for the motor coach industry. Drawing on a solid foundation of high-end marine industry experience, we are able to bring you inno- vative yet well-engineered solutions to the specific challenges presented in making your motor coach feel like the luxury home it is. Our promise is to supply the highest quality equipment, in the simplest yet most effective configuration, backed by the...

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