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Special Ships

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Air Cushion Vehicle Landing & Support Ships Offshore Patrol / Salvage Vessels Special Ships Special Purpose Ships HANJIN HEAVY INDUSTRIES & CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. Headquarters & YEONGDO SHIPYARD 29, 5-GA, BONGNAE-DONG, YEONGDO-GU, BUSAN(606-796), KOREA TEL +82 51 410-3241/3242 FAX +82 51 410-8465 E-mail shipsale@hanjinsc.com Subic Shipyard Green Beach 1, Redondo Peninsula Sitio Agusuhin Brgy. Cawag, Subic Zambales, the Philippines TEL +63 47 252 5100 FAX +63 47 252 2703 SEOUL OFFICE (Shipsales & Marketing Team) 168-23, SAMSEONG-DONG, GANGNAM-GU, SEOUL(135-090), KOREA TEL +82 2 2006-7011/ 7141 FAX +82 2 2006-7115 LONDON OFFICE 5 th Floor, 3 America Square. London EC3N 2LR, United Kingdom TEL +44 207 488-4848 FAX +44 207 488-4824 E-mail hhic.ldn@btclick.com Hong Kong Office 1902, Office Tower, Convention Plaza, 1 Harbour Rd., Wanchai, Hong Kong TEL +852 2238-0600 FAX +852 2238-0610

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● LPH(Landing Platform Helicopter) Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Co., LTD. Special Ships Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd., with its unrivalled technology and broad field of experience, has increased Korea’s offshore defense and the world’s sea power by introducing a new range of special ships from high speed patrol boats and next-generation missile/gun boat to large landing ships and hovercraft.

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Landing & Support Ships Reinventing HHIC as the center of global shipbuilding Offshore Patrol / Salvage Vessels Business Overview Founded in 1937 as the first steel ship builder in Korea, Hanjin Heavy designing and building special-purpose and naval ships in its high-tech shipyard. Starting with Korea's first high-speed patrol boat, Haksaeng (Student), in 1972, Shipbuilding Technology Development has added sophistication to the design and engineering of high-speed patrol boats, Special Purpose Ships Industries & Construction Co., Ltd. (HHIC) has set the records in landing ships, midget...

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HanJin Heavy Industries & Construction SPECIAL SHIPS Landing & Support Ships Landing & Support Ships Unique technology and experience to build naval combat and support ships From Korea’s first patrol boat “Haksaeng” in 1972 to high-speed vessels, patrol combat corvettes, convoy ships, landing ships and submarines, HHIC has built a wide range of vessels for the Korean navy. The company has also exported naval combat and support ships to the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. That was followed by the development of various naval ships. Based on our unique technology, we also constructed and...

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HanJin Heavy Industries & Construction SPECIAL SHIPS Offshore Patrol / Salvage Vessels Offshore Patrol / Salvage Vessels Stability and mobility to support marine patrol and other activities HHIC has built and delivered guard and rescue ships to the Korea Coast Guard which are keeping watch over the waters off the Korean shores and exclusive economic zones. Recognized for their superior functionality and performance, these ships are also mobilized to rescue people and prevent pollution in times of marine disaster. PATROL KILLER GUIDED MISSILE FAST FRIGATE KOREA Anti Air, Surface & Submarine...

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HanJin Heavy Industries & Construction SPECIAL SHIPS Special Purpose Ships Special Purpose Ships Spearheading global market trends HHIC has managed to lead new trends in the global shipbuilding market through constant R&D into new types of ships. HHIC has demonstrated its technological prowess with various firsts in Korea. These include the nation’s first cable layer ship that lays and repairs submarine optic cables, drilling rig that drills for oil in the oceans, ice breaker that paves a path by breaking through ice, and diving support vessel to facilitate the work of divers. Going...

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ACV(Air Cushion Vehicle) Next-generation amphibious hovercraft In 1937, Hanjin Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., entered the barren field of shipbuilding technology in Korea. During over 70 years of forging technology with a pioneer spirit, HHIC has witnessed vivid shipbuilding events in Korea. Setting as its goal the development of the next-generation hovercraft, HHIC, by continuously investing in R&D, has developed amphibious hovercraft, and in 2004 developed the design of LSF-II, a high lifting density military hovercraft capable to lift up to 55 tons. In recent years HHIC has succeeded in...

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Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction CO., LTD. Special Ships Many agree that the 21st century will be the age of maritime exploration. "He who rules the sea rules the world" will become the new catch phrase not only in shipbuilding but also across a wide range of industries. HHIC is now improving the competitive edge of the nation navy and merchant marine and at the same time exporting the world best specialty ships. Abundant experience and innovative technology and management, together with order-made delivery, will let us surge to the forefront.

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