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Plant Brochure 2012

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construction division Plant Brochure A Framework of Trust

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Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Introduction 02 03 Building on trust as a leading global company Since our foundation, our customer-oriented management practices, backed by advanced technologies and air-tight quality management, have been built on the trust of our clients. We have grown as a heavy industries company with competitive technologies in shipbuilding, construction and plant engineering. As early as the 1970s, we aggressively penetrated the global market, quickly emerging as a leading global company. We will strive to further reinforce our market power in all core business...

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Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction 04 05 Business overview Construction Business of HHIC has gained an enviable reputation over the past seventy years for its customer-oriented business practices, competitive technologies and the integrity of its skilled engineers. Through successful completion of several large turn-key projects, we are proud to contribute to the promotion of Korea’s construction industry. Since the 1968 construction of the Marine Center Building in Seoul, the first steel-framed building in Korea, we have received the best construction and competency records in dredging...

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Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction 06 07 High-tech facility HIGH-TECH FACILITY The specialized systems found in the Subic Shipyard in the Philippines, the Yuldo factory in Incheon and the Dadaepo factory in Busan contribute to reinforcing our business competitiveness in the plant industry. Subic Shipyard, the Philippines In addition to the shipyard for ultra-sized vessels, we are equipped with cutting-edge equipment needed to manufacture steel frames, pipelines and pressure vessels. Philippines Subic An advanced base of HHIC & Plant Located in the Free Economic Zone of Subic Bay in the...

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Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction 08 09 High-tech facility Yuldo Factory, Korea Constructed as a specialized steel-bridge building factory in 1997, it has been at the center of manufacturing technology-intensive blocks, setting the standards in steel frame manufacturing. Korea Incheon A combination of cutting-edge technology and extensive experience Boasting track records of bridge construction, flood gates and industrial plant building projects with its advanced technologies, the plant produces 159,000 tons of hatch covers and blocks to grand pre-erection (GPE) and floodgate/steel...

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Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction outstanding performance 10 13 outstanding performance Based on our expertise and technologies accumulated from our experience in designing, manufacturing and constructing on-and off-shore steel structures at home and overseas, our top quality products have earned an unparalleled reputation in the steel-frame structure market. Ktx New Gyeongju Station, Korea Steel frame structure “By consistently developing new technologies, and based on the knowledge we have accumulated from a number of large national projects, we have positioned ourselves as a leader...

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Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction outstanding performance 11 outstanding performance Gate & bridge 12 Manufacture and installation of steel-frame at Logos Thermal Power Plant 1984 Manufacture of jet fuel storage tank at Incheon International Airport 1991 Manufacture of steel-frame for steelworks at Kia Special Steel in Gunsan 1992 Manufacture of HanGlas structure at Busan factory 1994 1995 1996 Steel-frame work at Line Maintenance Base at Gimpo Airport 1997 Installation of sluice gate (radial gate) at southern seawall of Seoul Metropolitan Area New Airport 1997 Steel-frame work for KBS...

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Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Industrial plant 14 15 outstanding performance Power plant Annual steel production capacity 3.5 million tons(two units) Total land area site Annual coke production capacity 3.14 million tons Coke oven battery 3,770,000 m2 Power generation capacity per unit 500,000 kW 4 units Total power generation capacity 4,000,000 kW Daejeon Waste Incineration Plant, Korea Haman Waste Treatment Plant, Korea Dangjin Coke Plant, Korea Airplane fuel storage tanks 8 units Aircraft fuel hydrants 168 stations Aircraft fuel storage capacity 800,000 barrels Hadong Thermal...

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Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Plans for next phase 16 17 Plans for next phase We make intensive investments in offshore plants and pressure vessel manufacturing. Based on our extensive experience and expertise in power plant construction, we will leverage our technologies and high-tech production system so as to develop high valueadded businesses. Pressure vessel manufacturing flawless pressure vessel Pressure vessel is the core part of a plant facility. It requires high technologies and air-tight safety control as it is exposed to extreme temperature and pressure. The increased...

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Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction 18 19 Equipment & OWNED vessel Equipment OWNED vessel In addition to its peerless technologies, Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction boasts ultra-sized high performance equipment. Our unrivaled engineering capabilities have earned us positive recognition, and we continue to build on our competitiveness in shipbuilding and construction engineering. Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction owns a total of nine vessels, including two multipurpose vessels it built in-house, flat barges, tug boats, and ro-ro vessels. Operating its own vessels, the company...

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Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction certificate of Authorization certificate of Authorization Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction has earned strong recognition for its outstanding technologies. We continue to develop future growth engines through consistent R&D investment, while acquiring certificates of authorization from ASME and KEPIC so as to further reinforce our technological competitiveness and prepare for a brighter future. DNV 06 07 06 OHSAS 18001:2007 07 ISO 14001:2004, ASME KS Q ISO 14001:2004 KEPIC 02 03 08 09 10 04 01 05 11 12 13 01 ASME-A 08 MN-516 02 ASME-PP 09 EN-517...

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