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Management for creation

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CORPORATE IDENTITY A legend in shipbuilding and construction is now taking the leap to the next level. Passion and challenging spirit drive us, while unrivalled technology supports our vision to become a world leader. Moving towards a prosperous future, Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction(HHIC). CONTENTS CORPORATE IDENTITY _ 01 OUR VISION _ 02 MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY _ 03 CORPORATE PROFILE _ 08 BUSINESS OVERVIEW _ 09 • SHIPBUILDING DIVISION SHIPBUILDING _ 10 SPECIAL SHIPS _ 11 SUBIC SHIPYARD _ 12 • CONSTRUCTION DIVISION ARCHITECTURAL WORKS _ 14 HAEMORO _ 15 INFRASTRUCTURE _ 16 PLANT &...

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OUR VISION MANAGEMENT PHILOSHPHY Our promise to you, is a new future in shipbuilding and construction for the 21st century. Management for Creation Customer Value Creation ● Trust Culture Creation Global Vision Creation Profit-oriented management and improved growth value Having pioneered shipbuilding and construction in Korea over the past 70 years, HHIC is now on the threshold of being reborn as a world-class, comprehensive provider of global shipbuilding, construction, engineering and leisure services. By remaining at the industry forefront, we have acquired superior technology, a solid...

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HANJIN MUSCAT, LNG Carrier Subic Shipyard, Philippines MOVING FORWARD INTO THE WORLD Leaping towards the center of the global stage - HHIC Driven by its pioneering spirit, HHIC has continued along the path of shipbuilding, construction and plant construction to grow into a comprehensive shipbuilding and construction company with world-class competitiveness. Armed with valuable technology and know-how amassed over the years, and the passion of its people, HHIC is now preparing to make another leap forward to become a central presence in the global shipbuilding and construction industry. MSC...

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Songdo Haemoro, LEADING THE GLOBAL MARKET World-class technology - HHIC Despite its numerous past accomplishments, it is the future which holds the most promise for HHIC. Its insights and creativity have resulted in world-class technology, helping to build Korea’s reputation as a leader in shipbuilding and construction. Furthermore, we are setting new standards around the world as a leading shipbuilding and construction firm with our global infrastructure. Incheon International Airport, Incheon, Korea Yeongjong Grand Bridge, Incheon, Korea Incheon, Korea

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CORPORATE PROFILE BUSINESS OVERVIEW REALIZING DREAMS OF PROSPERITY - HHIC WE MAKE A NEW WORLD Customer satisfaction has always been, and remains a top priority, at HHIC. Our past and future are characterized by our unswerving devotion to providing customers with leading technology, quality and thoughtful service. HHIC shares your dreams for the future. Our vision and firm conviction in the future will drive the changes to create a more prosperous future and beautiful life for all. ● SHIPBUILDING Building the world’s first and the world’s best with Hanjin technology Founded as Korea’s first...

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SHIPBUILDING SPECIAL SHIPS Commanding the world’s waters with cutting edge technology Ushering in the marine era of the 21st century ● SYMBOL OF KOREAN SHIPBUILDING As the cradle of shipbuilding in Korea, HHIC has pioneered and propelled the nation’s shipbuilding business for the past seven decades. Each vessel we produce contains the spirit of dedication and craftsmanship unique to HHIC. The New Shipbuilding Division produced and delivered six 30,000 DWT oil tankers to Gulf Oil of the United States in 1974. Since then, HHIC has built around 1,000 vessels. These include a wide array of...

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SUBIC SHIPYARD ● SUBIC SHIPYARD - A NEW GROWTH ENGINE HHIC has played a vital role in making Korea a global shipbuilding powerhouse. However, competition is becoming fiercer as latecomers such as shipbuilders in China are fast catching up. In addition, growing demand for larger-sized vessels has underlined the capacity constraints of Yeong-do Shipyard. These trends have highlighted the urgent need for a competitive yard system that allows for high efficiency and low costs. We are addressing this need with our blueprint to turn Subic Bay into the world’s shipbuilding center. A total of...

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ARCHITECTURAL WORKS HAEMORO Evolving into a global construction leader Haemoro - a warm and sunny apartment, where the sun always shines ● SHAPING A NEW CONSTRUCTION CULTURE FOR THE 21ST CENTURY HHIC ushered in a new era of modern construction in Korea by erecting the nation’s first steel-framed structure. We have secured an advantageous footing with our exceptional technology and integrity. With standout achievements in diverse areas, HHIC has played a pivotal role in shaping a new construction culture for the 21st century. Our advanced techniques are showcased in the field of airport...

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INFRASTRUCTURE PLANT & FACILITIES Promoting balanced regional development Raising industry standards through advanced engineering and execution capabilities ● EXPERTISE ACKNOWLEDGED THE WORLD OVER HHIC has grown alongside the advancing Korean economy. We have written our company history with the seamless execution of projects across the globe by drawing on our cutting edge technology and tireless dedication. HHIC played a major role in creating the backbone for the development of Korean industries through participation in large-scale national projects such as highways, railroads, dams,...

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● SHIPBUILDING After building Korea’s first steel vessel in 1937, HHIC has consistently devoted itself to technology development and investment. This dedication has culminated in a wide range of accomplishments over the years. In New Shipping, we triumphed in building an LNG ship and opened the era of super-size, high-speed container ships by recently adding an 8,100 TEU vessel to our portfolio, solidifying our position as a specialist builder of LNG and container ships. We are also actively meeting the changing needs of our clients through timely technologies including Korea’s first...

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