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K-5 Galley
Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System
for Halton Marine Galley Hoods
According to the SOLAS regulations, ships must install a marine fire
extinguisher system to protect the galley, in particular the fryer
employed in the cookline. The K-5 galley fire suppression system has

together with Halton hoods
been designed to meet the requirements of ISO 15371.
form a suberb combination that
The K-5 system is a fully independent system that is a electrically
increase safety in galleys
actuated and uses spot heat detectors to detect fire conditions. The
detectors are placed directly over the appliance being protected or in
K-5 Fire Suppression system

Installation of K-5 Fire
the extract air flow above the appliance. The cooking appliances can be
Suppression system into
individually protected or multiple systems can be configurated to suit
galley hood is done already at
the demands of galley. The K-5 system can be operated manually using
the factory. This means direct
a push button switch located at strategic positions around the galley. On
savings on board.
receiving the appropriate FIRE signal the system control panel sounds
audible and visual alarms and immediately initiates shut down of the
power supply to the appliance/s being protected. Simultaneously the
control system deploys the suppressant liquid onto the fire.

Simple and compact design

No high pressure gas cartridges

No mechanical pulleys,
The gas required to pressurise the storage cylinder is produced in a
tensioners, levels or spring
controlled manner from a solid proprellant gas generator. The cylinder
loaded plungers
and gas generator remain at zero pressure until an electrical signal is

received from the system control panel. On actuation the cylinder is
pressurised to 10-12 bar.
The Wet Chemical Suppressant Liquid has been specially formulated
to su ppress fires in cooking oils and grease and prevent re-ignition.
K-5 Galley - Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System
Real time system monitoring for
fire and fault conditions

Stainless steel construction

k5 galley
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    TYPICAL SYSTEM LAYOUTThe stainless steel cylinder containing the wet5.0 metres the restrictor must be inserted into thechemical suppressant, gas generator...
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    The components of K-5 fire protection system arespecifically for fast flame knock down and fireelectronically controlled, there are no mechanicalsuppressioon....
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    K-5 Galley - Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System MSltOfl 82
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