HVAC for Cruise shipes & Ferries - 20 Pages

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HVAC for Cruise shipes & Ferries
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Catalog excerpts

Halton is passionate about indoor environments. The company offers business enhancing solutions for safe, comfortable and energy efficient environments for companies that value wellbeing and productivity of their customers and personnel. Why? Poor indoor air quality can cause headache, fatigue, nausea, sinus congestion, dryness and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and skin - just to name a few. Poor indoor air solutions can cause too much noise and a feeling of draft which affects passengers. It can also waste unnenessary amount of energy or use too little of outdoor air. Quality Designing...

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Halton Marine provides safety, energy efficiency and comfortable indoor environment Energy efficiency Halton Marine is the leader in energy efficient HVAC solutions for galleys and cabins on board. In addition to energy efficient products, Halton's automation technology enables the benefits of demand based ventilation systems with improved indoor air environment. Halton Marine provides energy efficient solutions for both new-builds and retrofits, and carries out comparative measurements and verification tests. for demanding conditions. Safety Halton Marine's products and systems have been designed...

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Silent, user-friendly and energy efficient solutions. Photo for illustration purposes courtesy of MSC Cruises.

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Hatton offers HVAC solutions for different types of cabins and rooms. Cabin terminal units with an intelligent automation and a thermostat can operate as stand-alone unit or in a network which enables the indoor air conditions to be controlled, monitored and adjusted by a supervision system. Cabin units Halton pressure-independent cabin units control and maintain airflow individually in each cabin and thus sound levels and comfort are kept in optimal conditions. The cabin unit is actively monitoring the environment and adapting to the changing conditions. Halton Marine cabin ventilation equipment...

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What if you were able to control, monitor and adjust cabin indoor climate centralized via network? Network offers many advantages In a network, selected HVAC parameters can be managed through a HMI (Human Machine Interface). Network solution opens numerous possibilities to include additional safety and energy efficiency features in cabin ventilation. Units can be adjusted and controlled by a HMI according to customer's needs. It is also possible to connect additional sensors, e.g. pressure and fire detection in cabin units. All selected parameters and indications are visible on the HMI. The network...

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CABIN UNIT Terminator HALTON NETWORK OR FANCOIL ADAPTER RPU BUSAC : 12 m LONAC LONAC ILONAC list Balcony door Energy saving Balcony door & key-card list Minimum flow Overheating Reheater safety switch I/O communication fault Communication fault ROOM TEMPERATURE CONTROL PANEL (º C.) Flow control (m3/h) Room supply Temp. control Local Remote Energy saving mode (º C.) Maximum Minimum Actual Maximum Setpoint Minimum Flow ref. Flow max. Flow min. History trends Optimum HVAC Workshop

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Safety is the number one priority on board. Because smote and toxic gases can be more dangerous than fire itself, it is important that the fire dampers prevent smote from spreading. Hatton is the top manufacturer of gas-tight fire dampers.

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In adverse conditions... Even the calmest weather conditions contain salty spray particles that must be removed to protect ventilation systems, air handling units, generators and engines.The high-efficient droplet separator results in maintenance, repair and replacement cost savings. & Droplet separators Halton DSH droplet separators are designed for demanding applications where reliability, easy installation and special design play an important role. Separator vanes are designed to restrict the passage of moisture, salt spray and rain water e.g. into HVAC systems or engine room intakes. The unique...

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Meet proven reliability, usability and hygienic conditions with low maintenance needs Hatton Marine is the leading supplier of galley ventilation equipment. With many years of experience, Hatton Marine provides a wide range of solutions for demanding applications with technological advantages. ^ Capture Jet3 technology enables maximum capture with reduced airflows, smaller ducts, fans and reduced sound levels Halton Capture Jet3 prevents the heat and impurities produced by cooking appliances from spreading to a galley. Compared to conventional galley hoods, Capture Jet3 technology enables a hood to...

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Innovations for cooking on board Show-cooking? Challenging spaces? Not a problem. Check out Halton's solutions.

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MobiChef Halton's MobiChef unleashes cooking from any ventilation ductwork. It is a completely autonomous mobile cooking station that can be used with all electric cooking appliances, from light-duty table top equipment to traditional 700 and 900 mm deep modular equipment. E.g. fryers, grills and woks are easily managed by this innovative mobile cooking station. To prevent spread of smoke, heat and impurities, Halton MobiChef utilizes the Capture Jet technology. The Capture Jets create an air curtain to contain and direct impurities released by the cooking process toward high efficiency filters...

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Central vacuum cleaning system Keeping it clean with minimum maintenance costs.

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Compared to traditional systems, Hatton's central vacuum cleaning system frees more space for cabins as only vacuum hoses need to be stored in a small housekeeping closet. Usually one module, that includes also a central unit, serves one fire zone. System description Halton has developed a unique module design of central vacuum cleaning together with the Technical University of Tampere, Finland. One module serves 1-6 simultaneous users. The module design minimizes investment and maintenance. Usually one module serves one fire zone. A module contains central unit (complete unit with cyclone and...

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A succesful dry-docking of planning and some si should and can be done. Prior to dry-docking, Halton and report of the improvements that would upgrade efficient, safe and better indoor climate condition soli kl. IG    * offered substantial return on investment. At your service Halton is at your service throughout the whole life-cycle of ship In addition to designing and manufacturing products and systems specifically for ships, Hatton Marine offers services to test and verify that the adapted solutions match and even exceed the customer needs. Halton increases safety, energy-efficiency, indoor...

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