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Springheel Halcyon
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How many companies can say that their founders hold more than half a dozen world diving records, including the lon- gest cave diving penetration in the world- more than three miles (20,000 feet) at 300 feet? How many companies not only spon- sor international exploration projects, but consistently encourage their staff to We donate significant resources to sci- entific and historical research projects because we believe that everyone ben- efits from a greater understanding of the delicate balance in the underwater world. Our employees are committed to making all diving safer and more enjoyable. While our staff can often be found exploring new caves or wrecks in remote corners of the world, they are also likely to be teaching open water or overhead diving when they are "away from work." We know how to make life easier for the beginning diver as well as the most seasoned technical diver. HALCYON'S "DOING IT RIGHT" INFORMATION NETWORK The following sites have joined together with Halcyon to promote "Doing It Right" diving. You'll find information about how diving's next generation of instructors, manufacturers and enthusiasts are committed to safer, more exciting dive experiences. Halcyon's home on the Internet, with the latest product inf omation about Halcyon dive gear Global Underwater Explorers' vast website has information about advanced diver training, gear configuration, research projects, and cur- rent events in the world of underwater conser- Contacting Halcyon Halcyon Manufacturing

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Halcyon Spring Heels for Jetfin-style Fins ongratulations on your Halcyon purchase. Technical divers have long recognized the potential problems associated with fin straps that can break free from the diver's fins or do not properly adjust with changes in depth. In such cases, divers may lose their fins- which can, in certain situations, create a particularly difficult situation to manage. Nobody wants to be left watching their fin drift into the depths of the ocean at the start of a dive, or be left stranded on a demanding and anticipated dive. Halcyon's Spring Heels provide a more secure attachment...

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