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Halcyon tankbands
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Tighten the bolts and check them again for rocking motion. With the bands are properly installed. Get your tanks filled and enjoy many dives with your new Halcyon Cylinder Bands. AWarning: To lessen the possibility of catastrophic failure of the manifold, you must purge all gas from the tanks before you loosen the band bolts to adjust or remove your Halcyon Tank Bands. Never loosen the hex nut or Nylok stop nut on a band while either tank is pressurized. Find out more about Halcyon... Halcyon Dealer Network: www.halcyon.net/dealers/ Fair Trade Pricing: www.halcyon.net/ftp/ Product Information: www.halcyon.net/ DIR Gear FAQs: www.halcyon.net/dir/ Manuals: www.halcyon.net/manuals/ Halcyon DIR Dive Systems 1110 South Main St • High Springs

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ASSEMBLING DOUBLES WITH HALCYC3N TANK BANDS Tools Required: Adjustable wrench Deep socket wrench 1/2" Manifold Preparation Begin by breaking your manifold down into its three components- isolator cross- bar and left/right valves. Take care to note that one side of the isolator crossbar is designed to use reverse threads. This side is usually marked with a notched set nut, and/or a groove on the isolator crossbar. Make sure the manifold you have is listed on the label inside the tank bands. Failure to use a compatible manifold could result in manifold damage. The bands are designed for the isolator...

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