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Halcyon inflator

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Halcyon Precision Inflator Owner's Manual

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Warranty Information All warranty requests must be accompanied by proof of original purchase from an Authorized Halcyon Dealer. Be sure to save your sales receipt, and present it whenever returningyour Halcyon Precision Inflator for warranty service. All claims will need to be accompanied by a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA#). RMA # can be obtained by contacting Halcyon Technical Services at 1-800-425-2966. HALCYON warrants, to the original purchaser only, that the HALCYON Precision Inflator will be free of defects in materials and/or craftsmanship under normal diving use for one...

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The Halcyon Precision Inflator is another DIR Dive System innovation providing excellent performance under any demand. The Halcyon Precision Inflator has been designed to be easily serviced by a technician, allowing many years of reliable operation. This manual will provide proper installation and maintenance for your new inflator. Installing the Halcyon inflator on your BC 1) Remove the old inflator from the corrugated hose on the buoyancy control device. Thoroughly clean the inside circumference of the corrugated hose, ensuring all adhesive residue is removed. DO NOT use a caustic...

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The Halcyon Precision Inflator is designed to be serviced by an authorized dealer. Halcyon recommends periodic maintenance of your inflator, similar to that of regulator maintenance. Halcyon recommends that the inflator should be serviced at least once a year as a minimum, or every six months under heavy use. If your inflator exhibits either sticking buttons or is leaking air (either into bladder or out dump), discontinue use until the inflator can be serviced. General tools required for service Adjustable wrench or i inch (2 Vz mm) box head wrench and duckbill pliers Medium size flat head...

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Inator Valve Head Quick Disconnect Fitting (Recessed in barrel) Inator Valve Head (Recessed in barrel) Power Ination Button Air Cylinder Body Fastening Nut Oral Ination Button Figure 4 Figure 3 Figure 5 Figure 6 5

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O-Ring Replacement and Lubrication Letters correspond to parts in Halcyon Precision Inflator O-ringKit (Part# 14.060.109) O-Ring Sizing Guide All O-rings should be replaced during servicing. O-rings can be removed using an O-ring pick. Be sure not to damage the O-ring during installation. All O-rings need to be lubricated with a NSF-61 approved silicone compound lubricant. All metal parts should be cleaned of dirt and surface rust before re-assembly. Any metal cleaning solution, such as authorized regulator cleaner, can be used.

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i) Place a small dab of releasable threadlocker adhesive on the threaded recess on the power inflation button. (Figure 7) Using the hex key in the "blind hole" recess on the inflation button, slide the valve stem through the inflation valve housing and screw the valve stem into the inflation button with the small flat head screwdriver. Check to make sure spring is seated beneath the button. (Figure 8) 2) Screw the inflation valve assembly clockwise into inflator body using adjustable wrench or box head wrench until O-ring is fully seated. Take care not to over tighten. (Figure 9) 3) Using...

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The power inflation button or dump valve button sticks open? The inflator leaks gas into my wing? The power inflation button or dump valve button is difficult to depress or is stuck closed? My inflator hose will not fully seat on the inflator hose fitting or leaks when connected? Gas blows out the inflation button when I inflate my BCD? Do I have the most recent version of the Halcyon Precision Most likely, the inflator is in need of servicing as the O-rings are no longer sufficiently lubricated to travel freely. Also, dirt and debris may have accumulated inside the inflator, interfering...

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