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Halcyon BC2009
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EC Type approval conducted by SGS UK Ltd. Ellesmere Port CH65 3EN, ENGLAND Notified body number 0120. EC Type approval conducted by TUV Rheinland E-mail sales@bts-eu.com

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HALCYON BUOYANCY COMPENSATOR OWNER'S MANUAL Trademark Notice Halcyon® and BC Keel® are registered trademarks of Halcyon Manufacturing, Inc. Halcyon's BC Keel and Trim Weight system are protected by U.S. Patents #5855454 and 653072501. The Halcyon Cinch is a patent-pending design protected by U.S. and European law. Halcyon trademarks and pending patents include Multifunction Compensator™, Cinch™, Pioneer™, Eclipse™, Explorer™, and Evolve™ wings, BC Storage Pak™, Active Control Ballast™, Diver's Life Raft™, Surf Shuttle™, No-Lock Connector™, Helios™, Proteus™, and Apollo™ lighting systems, Scout...

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GENERAL PRECAUTIONS & WARNINGS *Before using this Buoyancy Compensator (BC), you must receive instruction and certification in SCUBA diving and buoyancy control from a recognized training agency. Use of SCUBA equipment by uncertified or untrained persons is dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. *Read this owner's manual completely before attempting to use your BC, and become familiar with it first in a controlled environment, such as a swimming pool, in order to weight yourself properly and to become comfortable with using its many features and adjustments. *Before every dive, perform...

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Your buoyancy compensator is primarily designed to help you maintain neutral buoyancy while in a comfortably balanced, face-down swimming position underwater. It is also designed to provide you with flotation so that you can rest on the surface, but it is not designed to function as a life preserver or personal flotation device (PFD). In order to meet U.S. Coast Guard regulations, a PFD must be designed so that it automatically rights you to a face-up position and holds your head out of the water on the surface. The design characteristics of a personal flotation device are therefore different...

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TABLE OFCONTENTS Fitting Your Halcyon Buoyancy Compensator 7 Classic Semi-permanent Fitting 7 Fine-tuning Your BC System 8 Final Assembly of your BC System 10 Halcyon Cinch Quick-adjust Harness 10 Diving with the Cinch 11 Adjustment of the Cinch Harness 11 Attaching the D-ring and Light Retainer 13 Attachment of ACB Integrated Weights 14 Quick-Adjust Crotch Strap 15 Doubles Bolt Extender 16 Installation of Deluxe Harness Pads 16 Diving Your Halcyon BC System 17 Using a Lift Device with your BC 17 Weighting Your BC System 17 Matching your Wing to the Proper Cylinder 18 Assembly of BC System Weighting...

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FITTING YOUR HALCYON BUOYANCY COMPENSATOR The Halcyon Buoyancy Compensator system provides superior buoyancy control and trim adjustment for divers in any underwater environment. Each component of the BC system-the proper buoyancy wing, alternative lift device, weighting system, and Secure Harness-works together to provide you with safe, efficient control of your gear while under water and on the surface. The BC harness system is adjustable to fit all body types, providing for a much more precise fit than jacket-style BCs. The Halcyon Buoyancy Compensator has two primary forms of adjustment. The...

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The crotch strap should be comfortable and allow you to reach your tanks. The waist belt should fit as snug as is comfortable. Do not overtighten the waist belt so much as to restrict breathing. When adjusting the waist belt, make sure to set the buckle so that it is off to your right side. With the buckle in this position, the crotch strap is unable to accidentally open the buckle. The waist belt buckle (and/or another buckle) can be used to hold your Explorer light canister in place. To adjust the crotch strap, buckle the waist strap without running it through the crotch strap. Now pull the...

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bottles in your diving. If the D-rings are too low, the stage bottles will hang too far away from your body, causing significant drag and possibly damaging marine environments. The shoulder D-rings should also be high enough to allow for proper storage of your Scout back-up lights and to allow for ease of use of your wing's inflator hose to adjust trim and buoyancy, yet not so high that you can't clip an item off with the same-side hand as the clip. To position the shoulder D-rings, extend your arms straight out to the side, parallel to the ground. Bend at the elbow and bring your thumb straight...

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FINAL ASSEMBLY OF YOUR BC SYSTEM Final assemly includes attaching the Halcyon Single Tank Adapter (STA) to the wing and backplate with the two supplied fasteners/bolts. If you are using the 6-lb. Convertible Weight, be sure this is in position in the STA (figure 9) and be sure the straps are correctly configured on the STA. Place the wing on top of the STA through the bolts, then the backplate on top of the wing. Tighten both bolts and fasteners securely. Slide the cam straps over your cylinder and tighten at desired position in relation to the cylinder's valve (figure 10). When diving with doubles,...

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Diving with the Cinch If you are installing a Cinch upgrade, be sure to use new webbing and check that it is free of blemishes. This manual contains detailed assembly instructions to assist in properly fitting the Cinch upgrade. Adjustment of the Cinch Harness Adjustment of the Secure Harness while wearing the Cinch is quick and easy. Be sure to trim the extra webbing once you've determined the best size range for your Cinch harness and quick-adjust crotch strap. The Cinch harness can be adjusted in or out of the water and can be used with single or double cylinders. It is best to adjust the Cinch...

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Complete instructions on installation and sizing of the Cinch and quick-adjust crotch strap can be found at the end of this Cinch manual section. HALCYON CINCH COMPONENTS 1. Cinch Adapter Plate - High-quality, molded ABS plate is uniquely designed to fit the contours of your Halcyon backplate, providing unprecedented adjustability without the risk of quick-release buckles or the hassle of dangling 2. D-Ring Assembly - Allows the secure harness webbing to slide freely without affecting the position of the left-hip 3. Doubles Bolt Extender - Extends a short bottom bolt, allowing the Cinch System...

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