Explorer Eos manual 2010 - 28 Pages

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Explorer Eos manual 2010
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Catalog excerpts

DIVE SYSTEMS Lighting Systems Manual

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Halcyon HID & LED Primary Light Owner's Manual Trademark Notice Halcyon, BC Keel, Multifunction Compensator, ACB, DLR, Explorer Pro, and Scout Light are registered trademarks of Halcyon Manufacturing, Inc. Warnings, Cautions and Notes Pay special attention to information provided in warnings, cautions, and notes accompanied by these icons: A WARNING indicates a procedure or situation that, if not avoided, could result in serious injury or death to the user. A CAUTION indicates any situation or technique that could cause damage to the product, and could subsequently result in injury to WARNING:...

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Halcyon Explorer, Eos & Apollo Lighting Systems Halcyon Lighting Overview 4 Primary Lighting Systems 5 21 w HID Light Head Operation 8 12W LED Light Head Operation g Halcyon Power Systems 12 Troubleshooting Your Halcyon Light 18 Halcyon NiMH Battery FAQ 22 Appendex 1: System Burn Times 25 Appendex 2: Halcyon Warranty Information 26

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Congratulations on your purchase of a Halcyon primary light. At Halcyon we appreciate the faith your choice places in our products. Like the rest of the Halcyon line, the Explorer, Eos and Apollo lights were created out of a very real need for a lighting instrument capable of withstanding the rigorous demands of exploration diving. Formed by some of the world's leading explorers, Halcyon is dedicated to establishing a link between active underwater explorers and the manufacture of precision diving equipment. Who better than leading explorers to design and test your life support equipment? We've...

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hand. The nearly indestructible Aluminum Eos LED light head is coated with a robust Mil-Spec hardcoat. Both light heads use a fully adjustable handle that is hard-coated aluminum, can be sized for cold water dry gloves,and can be ordered with an optional reserve mini-knife attached. Lighting Systems Features Halcyon Canister Features • Industry-first sealed, watertight, Delrin lid design isolates battery compartment from cord/light head • Proprietary switch design with captured, silicon switch boot and ergonomie Delrin switch protector • Machined from solid Delrin, our canisters are sized to ease...

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• Adjustable light beam • Choice of NiMH battery pack size (4.5, 9, or 13.5 amp) • Goodman handle with optional Exploration upgrade with mini-knife • The Eos Explorer shares all the quality features common to our range of Explorer canisters while enjoying a uniquely designed LED light head. • Advanced LED array provides powerful output in a small, attractive form; full power output equals 600 Lumen. • Lux rating at one meter is 10,700 at three meters, 1,450 and at five meters, 530. • High-quality, aluminum light head with a Type 3, Class 2 Mil-Spec hard coat. • Aluminum light head optimizes heat dissipation...

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a fraction of the power of a halogen lamp. HID has quickly become the standard for exploration-grade lighting systems. Halcyon's Explorer and Apollo lights require very little attention beyond the care given to a halogen light. Although it produces 5% of its output when first ignited, the HID light requires a few seconds (usually 15-20) to produce full output. Also, if power to the lamp is lost or turned off (such as with an underwater pluggable cord), the light ballast must be allowed a brief period to reset before being reignited. Halcyon HID lights only require a brief 5 -10 seconds. The ballast...

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characteristics that indicate a bulb is approaching the end of its lifespan. Initial symptoms of end-of-life are characterized by low light output and/ or intermittent starting. Visual signs include blackening at the ends of the arc tube and electrode tip deterioration. Note that HID bulbs contain metals, including mercury, that are harmful to the environment. Please be responsible in arranging for proper disposal of an HID bulb. The bulb and ballast are sensitive to external operating temperature. Although HID light technology doesn't generate heat equal to that of a halogen light, it should...

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movement. Dirt may become trapped along the focusing barrel, creating friction between the test tube and light head. To clean the dirt from the bulb assembly, simply loosen the locking screw and push the bulb assembly out toward the cord. Clean the light head and bulb assembly. Be careful not to pull a stuck assembly out by the cord while underwater as the tube may come free from the assembly, flooding the light. The groove on your light head's bulb assembly will prevent the unit from being accidentally pulled out from the light head by an entangled cord. The promise of LED technology that can...

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light output. Please do not attempt to disassemble the light head. Do not remove the glass lens or tamper with the LED module or electronics. Taking apart your Eos will void the warranty and may damage the internal circuitry of The Eos features two attachment locations for bolt snaps. One on the light head which is similar to the 21 and 50-watt HID light heads. The second tie-off point is cleverly designed as a Halcyon chevron and is located on the Goodman handle. Video Light heads Halcyon's Apollo series are available with dual/single lamp HID and HMI light heads. Dual head Apollo systems are...

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that might have accumulated in the lamp cover. Do not use any silicone on the bulb slug o-rings. 6. After cleaning the bulb slug O-rings and the lamp cover, gently place the glass cover over the bulb slug and push it into place. Make sure that the bulb cover is seated all the way to the bottom O-ring on the slug assembly. Use a protective barrier such as a leather glove or heavy rag to protect your hand from a possible break in the glass bulb cover 7. Place the Goodman head assembly back onto the light head, focusing the light to a tight beam and locking down the screw. Explorer, Eos and Apollo...

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The canister is configured for attaching to the diver's waist belt. The unique three-fold webbing attachment on your Halcyon Light is held in place by two stainless steel bands. The three-piece fold holds the light with more stability than conventional methods, and prevents the light from accidentally releasing from the diver's hip. The steel bands can be raised or lowered on the canister to balance the light on your hip; the canister should rest parallel to your body when mounted on your harness. Delrin Canisters Halcyon canisters are milled out of a solid rod of Delrin. The one-piece design...

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