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Sailing - 28 Pages

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Catalog excerpts

Philosophy HABER YACHTS sp. z o.o. has been building yachts since 1991 and our aim has always been to satisfy the demands of customers who can recognize and appreciate exceptional quality. Our yachts appeal to buyers who understand good seakeeping, safety, comfort and the combination of modern practicality with traditional styling. We build HABER yachts exclusively to individual order each yacht is unique and gives the sense of its exceptionality to the customer Working directly with our customers, we continue to modernise and develop the way we build our boats. Quality The key elements necessary...

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Philosophie Die Firma HABER YACHTS sp. z o.o. baut seit dem Jahr 1991 Yachten. Unschwer erkennt der Kunde die hohe Qualität und weiß diese zu schätzen. Oberstes Ziel von HABER YACHTS ist, die individuellen Bedürfnisse befriedigend umzusetzen. Die Yachten sind für Kenner, denn diese wissen, welche Voraussetzungen über gute nautische Eigenschaften, Sicherheit und Komfort entscheiden, wobei das Design immer eine traditionelle Stilistik mit moderner Nutzbarkeit verbindet. Die HABER Yachten bauen wir ausschließlich auf individuelle Bestellung. Jede Yacht ist einzigartig und gibt damit dem Kunden ein...

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HABER 34C4 deck saloon

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The HABER 34C4 is our first ocean going sailing yacht to date, first in new venture toward larger future models over 10 m long. The exceptional qualities of this craft can be described in a few words, a category A, ocean going, deck saloon yacht, 34 feet long with the feeling of space and comfort normally associated with a 40 foot yacht, with a draft of only 0,65 m! The long tradition of the HABER YACHTS boat yard may be characterized as incorporating – reliable build strength and stiff hulls, durable modern materials, latest equipment with up to date skills in a distinctive range of boat designs...

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HABER 34C4 deck saloon

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Gaff cutter Gaffelkutter Test 'Bootshandel ' 12/2012 Interview with J. Konkol - 'Bootshandel' 01/2013 Test 'YACHTING SWISSBOAT' 06/2013 Test 'Batnytt'4/2014 Test'JACHTING' 6/2015 Test 'PBO' (8)590/2015 (automatic C4 system) HABER 34C4 Gaffelkutter DATEN: Lange uber Alles (Bugspriet inklusive)    12,5 m Breite uber Alles    3,65 m Durchfahrtshohe von Wasserlinie bis zum Masttopp 11,4 m Masthohe    9,7 m HABER 34C4 Gaff cutter DATA: Length overall with bowsprit Hull length Length of the water line Beam Beam of the water line Draught Height over the water line with gaff Height over the water line...

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one-off projects HABER 37C4 Gaff cutter Gaffelkutter HABER 36 Gaff cutter Gaffelkutter HABER YACHTS have the capability within their construction facility for 'one off' bespoke yachts, giving scope for the customer to design in some of their own desired features, even a variation from standard sizes of vessel. All craft are built to principles of rugged sea worthy design with high thermal insulation qualities. Dank der One-Off-Yachtbautechnik – können wir unter Berücksichtigung spezieller Kundenwünsche maßgeschneiderte Yachten in verschiedenen Größen erzeugen. Auf diese Weise bauen wir besonders...

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HABER 620 gaff sloop

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HABER 620 gaff sloop It is the latest model produced by our shipyard, a perfect starter boat to begin your sailing adventure with HABER yachts. Thanks to innovative shallow draft design of the hull (partially flat bottom) the boat is quite versatile. HABER 620 gaff sloop is also very economical to run and easy to transport over the road (standard weight with 4HP outboard - about 1300kg). It is built to exacting standards using the design category C. The yacht offers standing height in the cabin and boasts an interior that is very spacious. The toilet is in a dedicated space (like in all our yachts)...

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HABER 620 gaff sloop

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HABER 620 gaff sloop DATA: Length overall with bow rail and rudder    6,50 m Height over the water line with sails    9,10 m Height over the water line to the top of the mast    7,20    m Weight of yacht with stand. equipment    1300 kg Theoretical speed of yacht    5,50 kn Design category    C HABER 620 Gaffelslup DATEN: Lange uber Alles mit Bugkorb und Ruder    6,50 m Breite uber Alles    2,50 m Durchfahrtshohe von Wasserlinie bis zum Masttopp    7,20 m Entwurfskategorie    C Constructors: Janusz Konkol Konstrukteure: Janusz Konkol

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HABER 660 gaff sloop / HABER 660 gaff cutter

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HABER 660 Thanks to the shallow draught, the folding mast and the seaworthiness the yacht is designed for short and medium long cruises on lakes, rivers, coastal waters and offshore - it is built in categories C and B. The HABER 660 gaff sloop is very economical and easy to transport. It is possible to make this yacht with the cutter-version rigging and with our unique C4 self-steering system. HABER 660 Dank des geringen Tiefgangs, des zusammenklappbaren Mastes und der hohen Seetiichtigkeit eignet sich die Yacht fur kurze bis mittellange Fahrten auf Seen, Flussen, in Kustengewassem und auf offenem...

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HABER 660 gaff sloop / HABER 660 gaff cutter

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HABER 660 - YACHT OF THE YEAR 2013 IN ITALY Gaff sloop Gaffelslup Gaff cutter Gaffelkutter GZ-righting lever / Stabilitätsarm Fi - heeling angle / Krängungswinkel Curve of righting levers – HABER 660 cat C/B Die Stabilitätskurve – HABER 660 Kat C/B Test ‘YACHT’ 1/2001 Test ‘Jachting’ 10/2007 Test ‘OCEAN7’ 9-10/2008 Test ‘PÅ KRYSS’ 8/2013 Test ‘Barca per tutti’ 10-11/2013 Test ‘Voile magazine’ 228/2014 Test ‘Båtnytt’ 6/2015 (HABER 660C4) HABER 660 gaff sloop / HABER 660 gaff cutter DATA: Length overall with anchor platform – gaff sloop Length overall with bowsprit – gaff cutter Length of hull Waterline...

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HABER 800 gaff sloop

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HABER 800 gaff sloop HABER 800 confirmed the success achieved by HABER 660. Characteristically of all HABERS, this one also has a spacious cabin with 5 berths, 1.90 m standing height, a separate forepeak and a heads compartment, a comfortable galley and plenty of storage space in the lockers. Thanks to a clever design the mast can be lowered and raised within about 15 minutes by one person. The yacht is designed for short and medium length cruises on lakes, rivers, coastal waters and offshore and is built to design categories C, B and A. It is very easy to operate thanks to the rigging in the...

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