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Catalogue excerpts

BLUE SHELL is a software management programme for marinas, which simplifies the process of tracing Business Critical information with its engaging, intuitive interface. BLUE SHELL came about thanks to the collaboration between Netwing Sri and leading Italian marinas. Designed and created in order to simplify the management of a complex tourist facility, BLUE SHELL is the easy-to-use integrated solution for the administrative and management procedures of marinas. BLUE SHELL has been created with web technologies on our server infrastructures, at a nationally renowned web farm, KPN Quest in Milano,...

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Now you can also take advantage of Cloud systems in marina management. Blueshell is a software application which is used directly online, without having to install anything on the operator’s PC.

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Desktop & Mobile The web-exclusive nature of Blueshell lets you use it from any device which connects to the Internet -PC, tablet or smartphone. Contracts Create your mooring lists so that Blueshell can recommend the right price according to the period, boat, berth and any current special offers; you can always decide to change or customise it. Map The interactive map allows you to view the current status of your marina and also its future status. You can create and edit an unlimited number of maps. Reports Do you need a specific report? Get in touch with us and we will create one for you, from...

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Rapid Entry Contracts and temporary contracts can be quickly entered with a few clicks by mooring operators on the docks too. Deadlines In calendar view you can choose which deadlines you wish to view and also how the calendar looks, with monthly or weekly views. Drag and drop attachments All the main entries in Blueshell enable you to upload file attachments by simply dragging the file into the upload area. Customised view Every table in Blueshell lets you view the column you wish, in the most convenient order. Notes and notifications For each main entry in Blueshell you can add notes and notifications,...

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BLUE SHELL is a software application which is used directly online, without having to install anything on the operator’s PC. BlueShell has been designed and created by in-depth analysis of the management process of a marina. It therefore performs all those tasks that make managing the marina easier, in the daily process of monitoring contract deadlines, insurance policies, vessels, presences and all the information needed in order to ensure smooth management. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF CLOUD-BASED SOFTWARE? Reliability of service Blueshell is physically installed within an extremely powerful server...

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H2M Studio s.r.l. f\ Via GulinelU, 21 / A - 44122 Ferrara IS! info@)h2mstudio.com +39 0532 1912002 We know that the choice of a management software system for your marina must be examined in depth and in detail in order to evaluate its efficacy before purchasing it. We make available to our potential clients a fully working demo of the software in order to demonstrate its features. If you are interested in trying out Blue Shell, we can quickly produce a demo for you. Fill in the form below and you will be contacted by our sales department, who will give you access to the demo, illustrating all...

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Blue Shell is a product by H2M Studio

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