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TheroFit Heat Molding Instructions

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR FORMING GOODE THERO-FIT LINERS Notice: The GOODE Thermo-Fit™ Liner(s) delivered to you is the correct size. It may look small, however when heated, it will easily stretch over your foot. Background: GOODE Thermo-Fit™ Liners are designed to enhance the performance and comfort of your PowerShell™ Boot System. Please follow the steps below: 2. Place liners to be molded in pre-heated over for 15 minutes. 3. Place two athletic socks over each of your feet. The socks provide additional spacing during the molding cycle. 4. Once the liners have heated for 15 minutes, wearing water ski gloves, remove one liner from the oven. 5. Slip your foot into the heated liner and pull completely over your foot. If heated properly, the liner will easily stretch over your foot. There is no designated right or left foot to the un-molded liner. 6. Quickly place your foot, with the heated liner over it, into your PowerShell™ boot. Buckle the boot so that it is just lightly snug. You DO NOT want to over tighten the buckles during the molding cycle. 7. Allow liner to cool for 5 minutes. 8. Remove foot and repeat steps 4-8 as needed. 9. Enjoy the performance and comfort of your new GOODE Thermo-Fit™ Notes: The GOODE Thermo-Fit Liners may be reformed as needed. Just repeat CAUTION: DO NOT heat liners over to 250°F (121 °C). Make sure your oven has 7340 Highland Road • Waterford, Ml 48327-1508 USA • (248) 666-2500 • Fax (248) 666-3492 website: • e-mail:

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