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MARINE LIFE WITHOUT FOOTPRINTS Oil sludge and garbage incinerators for the marine and offshore Industries

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Why incinerate? • Incineration at high temperatures is eco-friendly, giving the ”Clean-Ship”-notation. • Lack of Port Reception Facilites is not a problem. • No costs for discharging sludge oil and garbage. • No storage of waste giving odours, garbage drain water and requirement for cold storage. • Crew are no longer tempted to illegally dispose of solid waste over the side, or sludge oil via a “magic pipe”, risking the Captain’s or their own imprisonment as well as huge fines for the Owner. A committed partner Atlas Incinerators A/S specialises in plants for incinerating oil sludge and...

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Atlas Incinerators offers many unique advantages Easy installation • • • • Flue gas fan is not required. A fan is both inconvenient and expensive since it requires extra installation and frequent maintenance. The Atlas Incinerator exhaust draught air ejector principle eliminates the need for a flue gas fan and is a simple and efficient solution that reduces operation shutdowns and maintenance costs. Only one sludge oil mixing tank is required, a separate water settling tank is not necessary. Compact complete unit comprising all parts such as pumps and fans etc. Can be delivered skid-mounted...

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01 - Charging Door 02 - Combustion Chamber 03 - Afterburning Chamber 04 - Second Afterburning Chamber 05 - Oil Burner with Built-in Pump 06 - Ash Cleaning Door 07 - Air Blower 08 - Induced Draught Air Ejector 09 - Sluice for Solid Waste 10 - Sludge Burner 11 - Double Wall for Air Cooling 12 - Combustion Air Inlets 13 - Flue Gas Outlet 14 - Damper 01 - Diesel Oil Tank 02 - Ash Cleaning Door 03 - Hot Loading Sluice 04 - Air Blower 05 - Primary Oil Burner 06 - Secondary Oil Burner 07 - Control Panel 08 - Sludge Dosing Pump 09 - Self-Cleaning Strainer 10 - Circulation Pump 11 - Mill Pump 12 -...

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Safe and efficient incineration The Atlas Incinerator unique three-chamber design is one of the many reasons that we easily meet the construction regulations and rigorous emission rules issued by the IMO. Extra combustion air is injected into the afterburning chambers, destroying all unburned particles. The extra air flow prevents any unburned particles or flames from escaping from the incinerator and entering the chimney. All chambers are protected by high-temperature castable lining. Oil Sludge/Liquid Waste The Oil Sludge Mixing Tanks are designed for comminution and agitation of the...

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Waste Bags from The air cooled waste sluice allows plastic bags to be used without any problems of plastic melting in the sluice.

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30 litres to 120 litresVolume of waste sluice Primary blower - Flue gas fan is not required WS - Waste sluice (standard) For type 200, 400, 600, 800, 1200 For approx. 30 l waste bags B WS - Big waste sluice For type 400, 600, 800, 1200, 1500, 2400 For approx. 70 l waste bags XL WS - Extra Large waste sluice For type 1200, 1500, 2400 For approx. 120 l waste bags

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Capacities from 2 Alternative outlets Incinerator combination possibilities S    Solid waste WS    Waste Sluice (hot loading sluice) P PLC Controlled Unit (Standard on all incinerators for liquid oil waste) M Integrated mixer tank (if water content in sludge exceeds 50%) Sludge Oil Mixing Tank Types of heating for    Sludge Oil Tank S    Steam heated SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE

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Safety devices prevent unintentional opening of doors How to order: Atlas Incinerators ATLAS X XX X X X XX XX X X M: Mixing tank and PLC controlled unit (For adding diesel oil automatically if water content >50%) P: PLC controlled WS: Waste Sluice B: Big Sluice (Sizes 600, 800, 1200, 1500 and 2400 only) XL: Extra Large Sluice (Sizes 1200, 1500 and 2400 only) L: Liquid waste S: Solid waste Approx. capacity in kW Example: Atlas 800 SL BWS M: Atlas (800 kW). For incineration of both solid and liquid waste. Equipped with Big Waste Sluice and Mixing tank. PLC controlled S: Steam-heated T:...

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Save space and installation costs Atlas containerised incinerators Standard equipment on containerised solutions If a new ship has not been designed with an incineration plant, Atlas Incinerators can supply a simple containerised solution. The container is placed on deck and just needs connecting to the ship’s installations. On delivery the container is complete with all installations. It has been tested and is ready for operation and use on site. Depending on the size of the plant, incinerators will be delivered in a 10’ or 20’ ISO container, or in dimensions matching the space available....

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- Plug & Play If a plant is to be installed below deck, a skid-mounted solution from Atlas Incinerators is a rational, easy-to-install choice. It cuts installation time and ensures correct mounting and function. On delivery the plant has been tested and is ready for use on site. Standard equipment on skid-mounted solutions • Incinerator • Sludge Oil Mixing Tank • Diesel Oil Tank Mill pump ensuring comminution of any solid particles Supplied with all interconnecting piping, electric cabling and necessary components mounted on a common base frame. Options for skid-mounted solutions • Air...

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Full support from the design stage the life of the ship Design guidance We have nearly 40 years experience, which is available for planning of your installation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning the installation of incinerators or tanks and funnel design.

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and throughout Reliable service and spare parts supply With an Atlas incinerator you get a thoroughly tested and well-documented straightforward and efficient plant. Atlas Incinerators will provide back-up throughout the life of your incineration plant. Our after-sales service is staffed with competent people who answer our hotline service phones and handle your spare part orders. Selected service centres throughout the world are staffed with technicians who will remedy any incineration problems on board your ship. Our travelling technicians will assist with commissioning and help in case...

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