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Kanu polo catalogue - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

01185S PHOENIX IB profi The popular canoe polo kayak, the PHOENIX, has got a new "facelift". The shape has been developed to accomodate integrated bumpers in both front and back part of the kayak, so the new kayak PHOENIX IB was developed. PHOENIX IB was designed by Phillip Pfister ( a member of French national canoe polo team ) and Neklad Unger ( a member of Swiss national canoe polo team) as a project to develop a fast and easily controlled kayak. Thanks to the small longitudinal edges on both front and back part of the kayak the speed and acceleration is higher. The essential easier sinking...

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93S KATJA IB KATJA is the downsized version of the ever so popular Phoenix. It is very fast, with explosive acceleration and unbelievably easy maneuverability, all due to it being shorter and smaller in volume. Easy to dive under opponents boat both in defence and offence. Of course there are not integrated bumpers missing so the boat is easy to control. This boat is suitable especially for women and juniors up to 60kg. Material versions: 01194S Katja IB - stabil 01195S Katja IB - mixt 01196S Katja IB - diolen    Suitable for 50 - 65kg

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00359 POLO CONTACT ELITE These asymmetric blades, with a slight forward tilt, are heavily reinforced with carbon. The blade's shape and perfect construction allows for stable stroke, quick acceleration and good ball handling capabilities. Blades have a Carbon finish, Carbon construction for the most demanding and rounded Aramid edge for better protection. We don't recommend this blade to the goalkeepers. Material: Carbon Width: 20,2cm Length: 49cm Area: 662cm2 00358 POLO CONTACT These carbon/aramid asymmetric blades, with a slight forward tilt, are heavily reinforced with carbon. The blade's shape...

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00364 SPIKE POLO SYMETRIC 00363 SPIKE POLO SYMETRIC MULTI Material: Carbon/aramid Material: glass 00368 SPIKE POLO ASYMETRIC ELITE This asymmetric kanu-polo blade is slightly larger than our Polo Contact. It also allows for a more efficient forward stroke. We have improved angles on the power face for easier pass, receiving and ball scooping. The back face has a rail continuation of the shaft that greatly improves ball control, especially when dribbling & scooping. This blade is perfect for advanced paddlers and carbon/aramid version especially for goalkeepers. Material: Carbon Width: 20,5cm Length:...

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00355 POLO LAKI ELITE This new Polo paddle was developed based on the extremely popular slalom paddle LAKI which has been already tested under the most demanding conditions. Paddle performs very well with acceleration, and ball control. It brings the best from slalom blades to kanu polo to change the efficiency of paddling. Its new innovative construction makes it lighter, stronger and conforms to safety rules. Version carbon/aramid is suitable for goalkeepers. Material: Carbon Width: 21cm Length: 49,5cm Area: 710cm2 00369 POLO LAKI Material: Carbon/aramid Width: 21cm Length: 49,5cm Area: 710cm2 00954...

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