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K1 slalom boats catalogue - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

01731S ECHO CUBE carbolight Echo Cube is a new boat for season 2012 designed by Vavøinec Hradílek, one of the best slalom paddler all around the world. Its inspired by very famous boat Echo of the Toro. There is the point on the boat where the flat part of the bottom starts to descend to the stern. We have moved this point little bit closer to the tail so we have extended the flat part of the bottom and the boat became faster. We have made the boat still wider in this point so the paddler doesn't have any problem with acceleration and stability. The stern got a shape of banana to increase spin...

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01716S SONIC carbolight The most favorite boat in the season 2011. It's completly universal kayak that will fullfill all your demands. It's destinguished by its fantastic manoeuvrability with a hight level of speed. This model was designed in cooperation with David Ford who wanted to provide universal kayak that would become favorite in between all paddlers. This boat is suitable both for female and male beginners and proffesionals. Material version: 01717S Sonic - profi 01718S Sonic - mixt Suitable for 55 - 85kg 01719S Sonic - flexible 01720S Sonic - diolen 01741S SONIC XXL carbolight Sonic ALX...

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01491S ECHO OF THE TORO carbolight A lot of great paddlers are still attracted by this boat despite of its age. We have created this boat from legendary model the TORO. This model was adjusted condsidering new course's requirments. The goal was to increase manoeuvrability with the smallest loss of its speed. Material version: 01492S Echo of the Toro - profi 01493S Echo of the Toro - mixt 01494S Echo of the Toro - flexible Suitable for 65 - 85kg 01495S Echo of the Toro - diolen

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01476S TORIL carbolight Toril is a children's boat reflecting ICF legal dimensions. Its goal is to preapre young champions. It helps them to adopt right habits in slalom paddling. Due to careful placement of volume and custom sizing, those with some experience or total beginners will feel very stable in this boat and will get to know the feeling that adult champions have on real full size racing boats. Its stability and manoeuvrability will be appreciated both by young paddlers and their parents. This boat is a "must have" for any beginning or advanced slalom paddler up to a 50Kg wishing to pursue...

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M ES A TV E R R S I AO LI N CARBOLIGHT: The highest specification available. This construction is intended for the most demanding slalom racers addressing not only the improved construction but also the looks. A combination of 3 types of foam sandwich, MGS epoxy system and superior vacuum bag technology, Carbon surface and Carbon & Carbon/Aramid combination inside the boat. Although seamless on the outside [except for the bow and stern tips for extra protection], there are double seams on the inside. With this new improved construction, this results in a very strong boat with good resistance to...

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