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C1 and C2 slalom boats catalogue - 7 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

01736 WHAT ELSE carbolight This model is a result of Tony's Estanquet long-standing testing and development. Tony is a double olympic champion who has designed a lot of our successful models. Nowadays he has wanted to prepare such a good boat that would persuade other paddlers of its quaility so there is no need of looking for anything else. This model is inspired by Tony's previous boat TILT. We have made 3 essential changes on the bottom: Rear part helps to keep the speed and the direction of the boat, wider middle part increases boat stability and the nose shape helps with manoeuvrability....

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vr 01726 CARIOCA WOMEN New C1 boat was required to estabilished when new category of C1 women came into existence. The goal was to help girls with fast performance growth in this beatiful category. So there was the first boat dedicated specialy for women. Women's version has little bit flatter bottom for better stability and lower nose for easier boat control. Cutting the volume behind the competitor is the last change that helps easier boat pivoting. Material versions: 01727 Carioca - profi 01728 Carioca - mixt    Suitable for 50 - 70kg 01729 Carioca - flexible 01730 Carioca - diolen TT is the...

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01696 TILT carbolight C1 boat that was designed by Tony Estanguet in cooperation with Galasport team. Tilt is one step further in manoeuvrability in comparison with the previouse model E.T that became its inspiration. Tony has increased boat volume so we could accomplish great boat stability and the change of the boat center. This is the second step in evolution considering boat 64 that brings the gold medal for Tony in European Championship in 2011. Material versions: 01697 Tilt - profi 01698 Tilt - mixt 01699 Tilt - flexible Suitable for 65 - 80kg 01700 Tilt - diolen 01711 E.T. carbolight E.T...

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01706 EL SCORCHO carbolight C1 boat that bears the features of brilliant competitor Robin Bell. This boat is dedicated to taller and heavier competitors with the weight over 90kg. We have added some volume especially in the part around the paddler. Even we have made boat for big boys this model loss nothing from its speed and manoeuvrability. Material versions: 01707 El scorcho - profi 01708 El scorcho - mixt 01709 El scorcho - flexible 01710 El scorcho - diolen 01701 TT SYPHON carbolight TT Syphon is a product made by two greek paddlers: Christos Tsakmakis and Sideris Tasiadis. The shape of the...

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688 GENERATION carbolight Galasport team has worked on this model with Slovenian guys Simon Hocevar and Dejan Kralj. We wanted to came with the universal boat that would become optimal choice for the most of the C2 crews. The shape came from the boat SL. We made the boat edges round so we could increase the manoeuvrability. This boat is suitable for crews from 150 to 185kg. Material versions: 01689 Generation - profi    Suilable for 150-185kg 10011 SL carbolight Very interesting project! SL is inspired by C1 boat the Jungle. This boat is pretty easy to turn but you have to count with lower stability...

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M ES A TV E R R S I AO LI N CARBOLIGHT: The highest specification available. This construction is intended for the most demanding slalom racers addressing not only the improved construction but also the looks. A combination of 3 types of foam sandwich, MGS epoxy system and superior vacuum bag technology, Carbon surface and Carbon & Carbon/Aramid combination inside the boat. Although seamless on the outside [except for the bow and stern tips for extra protection], there are double seams on the inside. With this new improved construction, this results in a very strong boat with good resistance to...

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