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Wind Energy Solutions - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Wind Energy Solutions It’s time for a H.E.R.O. Sacmi’s High Efficiency Resource Optimizer

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The reduced availability of traditional energy sources, and their consequently higher cost, now makes it strategically essential for companies to identify alternative, environmentally friendly sources. To provide an effective response to this growing environmental-economic need, SACMI has established H.E.R.O. (High Efficiency Resource Optimizer), an advanced research lab for the development of innovative technologies aimed at optimising utilisation of resources. In the renewable energy field, SACMI and GAIOTTO Automation have invested in the development of a fully automated solution for the production...

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Wind Energy Solutions GAIOTTO Automation - Our story GAIOTTO Automation - La nostra storia 1950 - automation of painting and spraying processes - first booths with water-type trapping systems 1950 - automazione dei processi di verniciatura e spruzzatura - prime cabine con abbattimeno mediante acqua 1960 - first reciprocating units for Italian industry - first two-rail transfer units 1960 - primi reciproca tori dell’industria italiana - primi trasferitori birotaia 1970 - 1970 - primi robot idraulici con sistema ad autoapprendimento first hydraulic robots with self-learning systems 1980 - first...

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Blades up to 15 metres long and low production volumes Pale di lunghezza fino a 15 metri e volumi di produzione contenuti For blades up to 15 metres long and low production volumes, it is advisable to carry out both spraying and polymerisation in the same area; this solution is more economical, consumes less energy and takes up less space. Per pale di lunghezza fino a 15 metri e volumi di produzione contenuti, si suggerisce di effettuare in un unico ambiente sia la spruzzatura che la polimerizzazione, soluzione più economica, a minor consumo energetico e ridotta superficie occupata. Spraying of...

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Wind Energy Solutions

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A different solution, proposed for the processing of larger blades Una differente soluzione per pale di maggioni dimensioni The proposed solution for the processing of larger blades is, instead, rather different. La soluzione proposta per processare pale di maggiori dimensioni è, invece, differente. The product designed to meet these larger production requirements is the ‘gantry system’; here, the robot is installed in an upside-down position, has an extensive operating range and can be used to coat very large items without having to move them. Il prodotto studiato per soddisfare questo tipo di...

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Wind Energy Solutions

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Wind Energy Solutions Sacmi Group in the world Il Gruppo Sacmi nel mondo Sacmi Imola, founded in 1919, is the Italian company at the head of a leading international group involved in the design, production and marketing of machinery and production lines for the ceramics, plastics, beverage & packaging and food processing industries. Sacmi Imola, nata nel 1919, è la società italiana a capo di un gruppo internazionale leader mondiale nella progettazione, produzione e commercializzazione di macchinari e impianti per l’industria ceramica, industria della plastica e dei materiali compositi, per il...

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