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Gaiotto Robotized Handling in Whiteware Production - 12 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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ROBOT HANDLING IN WHITEWARE PRODUCTION HANDLING ROBOTIZZATO NELLA PRODUZIONE DEI SANITARI HANDLING ROBOTIZADO EN LA PRODUCCIÓN DE SANITARIOS Flexibility Accuracy Reliability The pressure casting technology has revolutionised system engineering by improving process control and introducing the possibility of automating production flows. These are the main reasons behind the increasingly wide diffusion of robot handling and processing of workpieces in sanitaryware production lines. Gaiotto - which has acquired valuable experience both in the ceramic industry and in the field of robot engineering...

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Demoulding Sformatura Desmoldeo Automatic finishes Finiture automatiche Acabados automáticos Casting cell handling Handling nella cella di colaggio Handling en la celda de colado Gluing Incollaggio Encolado Handling in other plant areas Handling in altre parti dell’impianto Handling en otras partes de la instalació

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DEmoulding SFORMATURA Desmoldeo Robots feature many useful characteristics suitable for guaranteeing total automation of the demoulding process: • remarkable positioning accuracy also thanks to high machine rigidity • The possibility of selecting different, customisable positions and trajectories • The possibility of changing workpiece gripping tools • Perfect speed and acceleration control. Il robot riassume in sé caratteristiche estremamente utili ad una automazione totale dell’operazione di sformatura: • Una grande precisione di posizionamento dovuta anche alla rigidità di questa macchina....

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These characteristics are enhanced by the integration potential offered by Gaiotto with software management specially designed to allow for software memory storage, making it easier to set up machines in case of product changeovers. A queste caratteristiche l’integrazione di Gaiotto aggiunge anche una gestione software studiata per permettere la memorizzazione dei programmi e quindi facilitare il set up della macchina in caso di cambi di produzione. Several tools are also available to pick up and support even highly complex structures, handling workpieces in the most efficient way, guaranteeing...

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Automatic finishes FINITURE AUTOMATICHE Acabados automáticos Gaiotto has integrated the automatic finishing function inside robot-controlled casting cells, developing a number of systems allowing for massive industrial application of this technology. In this way, considerably increased product quality repeatability can be achieved, making part production less labour-intensive at the same time, to the extent that certain production casting plants can operate not supervised by any human operators. Gaiotto ha integrato la funzione di finitura automatica all’interno delle le celle di colaggio robotizzate,...

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Control of all the tools is ensured by a soft PLC with SW enabling the operator to introduce robot behaviour corrections without any software intervention being required, by simply changing parameters from the operator’s panel. Il controllo di tutti gli utensili è fatto da un soft PLC il quale è dotato di strumenti SW che permettono all’operatore di correggere il comportamento del robot senza intervenire nei programmi, ma semplicemente cambiando dei parametri da pannello operatore. After the finishing process has been fine-tuned, all the parameters are saved and stored to a special memory archive. Una...

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Casting cell handling Handling nella cella di colaggio Handling en la celda de coladO The robot carries out all the necessary workpiece handling inside the casting cell to allow for easy, effortless completion of all the operations required by the production process. Using a robot for all required handling makes the casting cell extremely flexible: the operator can choose to modify any work sequence as needed to suit the specific requirements of each workpiece. Il robot esegue varie manipolazioni del pezzo all’interno della cella di colaggio per permettere di realizzare su di esso in modo semplice...

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Automated handling can be used to: • Load a workpiece to an automatic finishing station • Load a workpiece to a manual finishing turntable • Load a workpiece to the predrier for quicker hardening • Release a workpiece from its support • Carry out piece overturning • Load the workpiece to a truck or conveyor system for feeding out of the cell Le operazioni di manipolazione possono permettere di: • Caricare il pezzo nelle postazioni di finitura automatica. • Caricare il pezzo sulle tornielle di finitura manuale. • Caricare il pezzo nel preessiccatoio per un suo più rapido indurimento. • Liberare...

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Gluing INcolLaggio Encolado Pressure casting of closedrim bowls normally implies that stick-on rims are applied to the bowl and to do this, before joining the two parts, an adhesive compound must be applied to the surface to glue. A robot is, without any doubt, the most versatile and accurate tool that can be used to perform this operation. To perform this task, the robot must be equipped with an application tool, a special batching system and a glue tank to be regularly topped up. Il colaggio in pressione dei vasi a brida chiusa presuppone normalmente l’incollaggio della brida sul vaso e per...

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Handling in other plant areas HANDLING IN ALTRE PARTI DELL’IMPIANTO Handling en otras partes de la instalación Gaiotto develops robotautomated handling systems also for other plant areas, e.g. • drier truck unloading and subsequent feeding to white inspection booths • anthropomorphic robot for glazing booth carousel loading and unloading • gantry type robot for glazing system feeding • tunnel kiln car automatic loading. Gaiotto sviluppa automazione robotizzata dell’handling anche per altre parti dell’impianto come ad esempio: • lo scarico dei carri dell’essiccatoio e la conseguente alimentazione...

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Strada statale 415 Km 27 - 26010 Vaiano Cremasco (CR) Italy Sacrni reserves the right to introduce changes without notice Sacrni si riserva il diritto di apportare rnodifiche senza preawiso Sacrni se reserva el derecho de introducir carnbios sin previo aviso

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