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2016 brochure - 92 Pages

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2016 brochure
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Catalogue excerpts

“The new 2016 range has the distinct GA Gaastra feel and has been designed with the foundations of proven success. “ “Coming in the 2015 season as the PWA constructor’s champions and with Thomas Traversa as defending PWA wave world champion could not have given me a better sense of achievement and a renewed drive to continue on this winning path. “For our 2016 range, the team and I were very critical not to make unnecessary changes just for the sake of it. So for this season it became more about making a series of smaller steps and re-cuts that in the end has given us the greatest improvements....

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Gaastra windsurfing was first founded in 1970 and quickly grew to become one of the most iconic brands in the industry to date. With 45 years of windsurf design and multiple world titles throughout the disciplines, today the brand known as GA-Sails Gaastra continues to be a world leader in sail development and innovation. Designer Peter Munzlinger leads the brand’s highly successful international team of world class sailors, including current PWA wave world champion Thomas Traversa, 2013 PWA freestyle champion Kiri Thode, IFCA Slalom world champion Ben van der Steen, and 2 times formula world...

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RADIAL PANEL LAYOUT Improved layout for a perfect and locked-in sail shape, providing a smooth profile, twist control and durability. The 3rd Generation provides a full Radial Panel Layout from all 3 corners of the sail, the seams are aligned with the forces that originate from the tack, clew and head to avoid deformations of the shape and design of the sail. The new RADIAL LOAD TAPE brings even more heavy duty into the sails. DOUBLE SEAM This heavy duty reinforcement area through the windows on the wave sails gives solid durability at these critical areas. TACK FAIRING A redesign that makes the...

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In order to be able to reduce the weight of the sails we developed a completely new range of laminate materials, with a much thinner film supported by a double structure of fibers - a balanced scrim of fibers orientated in the warp that fit within a classic X-Ply angled series of fibers. From its structure the name 2-Ply arose. We have created a complex woven web with the highest durability that is also very lightweight. Besides the proven X-Ply, we use this laminate in the upper sail body to achieve minimal swing weight and protection of critical areas. • • • • • Less weight: use of new 2-PLY...

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Our refined clew patch provides ihe ultimate in strength and durability. ^also prot^ the stitch^ with thej^w styling ^ures.. ^ VARIO PROTECT,^* Minimum forces for perfect trim. The integrated, nickel-plated brass triple roller minimizes the downhaul forces tremendously. The new, optimized side plate with integrated rope led prevents that the rope will be damaged or jumps from the roll. /fe We atW-on for /Ae /op cop on the Vario Tops protects the adjustable webbing from breaking down from wear and tear on rough ground. - ^ROLLER TACK PULLEY ^^stainless steel #3 7 ^^gpg 0 H Available on Vapor, phantom...

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MA€T SLEEVE. QBENING > ~fiMpJW^5^™^^^tj^f!lj *^^^JJf** The GA Silicon patch above the boom culoul opens ihe masl pockel jusl a little, allowing ihe rider lo *^^^^^^^™^^^^**^^ —•""^ insert the mast with just one hand, without having to move up the luff. Helpful specs of luff and boom lengths as-" - 1 " w,r " recommended masl use lo allow you lo rig your sails jusl like ihe p, Helpful specs of luff and boom lengths as well as recommended mast use to allow you to rig your sails just like the pro's do! Long-term durability for the sail-foot. The foot of the sail is often dragged across the anti-skid...

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MINI BATTENS Highly durable using G10. Quick, easy elasticated system that keeps sails role up nice and tidy. Perfect when storage space it at a premium. Find the optimum vario top setting with the metal closure which guarantee the best trim without any webbing slipping at all. REINFORCEMENT CAMBER  Light and durable reinforced area, to help protect against all types of wear and tear!

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PROTECTED HEAD & CLEW We added an X-ply panel at the back of the window and at the clew of the wave sails to improve protection in this area from crushing. For the same reason, the very top panel of the wave sails is now completely X-ply. Keeps the sail batten in the perfect position. Allows rider to adjust the extension across the foot of the sail from downhaul pulley to boom clew. More extension, more shape, more power. Its up to you! ZIPPER PROTECTION EXTENSION FIXING Available on the Vapor rigs, closes boom cut-out area and protects from water or sand filled up the luff sleeve.

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The 2016 wave range continues to offer the most complete and versatile sails. Each model has its own individual characteristics, which can cater for any sailor’s needs or environment. This year we have added a convertible batten system that allows a rider to experiment with the stiffness, handling and drive in all of the sizes in the IQ and Manic/Manic HD ranges. Adjustments to all luff curves, clew heights and batten layout / shaping has given better low-end response and acceleration. New panel layouts and less seams has made the ranges lighter and stronger. Our 2016 wave is better, brighter...

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This sail is the complete package - great early planing, acceleration and awesome control when things get wild.

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The 2016 Manics are back and better than ever. With an improved profile they deliver more stability; these are the ultimate competition wave sails. With its incredible wind range and newly designed smooth leech twist for increased top end speed. This range of sails delivers an unrivalled level of performance that any rider can enjoy. For 2016 we have added the new convertible batten system to all the sizes in the range. This system allows the rider more control to customise their sail. Putting the shorter batten in place frees up the feeling in the rig and can be a useful tool to generate drive...

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