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2015 GAASTRA BROCHURE - 52 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

URS HUNGERBÜHLER New challenges are around every corner and you have to adapt. Kiteboarding is continuously evolving and new demands arise. To work on all those challenges on different products I had to travel a lot between various beaches and our factory, to make sure things! go right. New fabrics, threads, glues, pu-film… So many details, but in the end all those details make the difference! Our Research & Development is still based in Taiwan, because we can hit the water every day. In addition I had to travel to different spots, where we could find light wind conditions to test in 6-12knots....

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DESIGN QUALITY A highly motivated and skillful team has been working on GA Kite products for years now. Head designer Urs Hungerbühler is the mastermind behind our kite development. Being Swiss, he has the perfect mix of theory and practice. During his mathematics studies, he was flying in the international paragliding competition scene. Early on, he designed his own kites on the basis of his practical experience and his own mathematical understanding. He tested them all himself and learned a lot. This long-standing background enables him to design all GA products 3D-based having perfect accuracy....

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Quality and Technology means everything to us. We put all our efforts into our products and solid manufacturing to make them long lasting, but still lightweight and performance oriented. Finding this balance is a constant challenge, but makes a huge difference in the end product. GA products come to you guaranteed to deliver the best performance available. HIGH CONTRAST The black and white design provides the best visibility and highest contrast possible. After long research and testings we found that this color scheme delivers the most intuitive look and safe use! ANTI TANGLE WEBBING HIGH QUALITY...

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SPEEDPUMP 3.0 All GA kites comes with the comfort of a single point rapid inflation system. The double cross section eases deflation of the struts and eases packing significantly. The clamps on the tube provide the option of blocking the struts if needed! An additional deflate valve on the tip eases packing, even in high wind situations! VALVE INSTRUCTIONS • Close valve properly (full load = 2.5Nm) INSTRUCTIONS • Keep out any sand! • Clean periodic below the sealing • Make sure the base and bladder will remain in correct position while closing and/or installation SEGMENTED TECHNOLOGY The Segmented...

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TWIN SEAM Following the goal to build the best and most durable kites on this planet, our design team has been restless in developing and testing new ideas and technologies. Only proven features go into production to serve our customers with state of the art technology. After extremely successful results in real world, on the water, testing, we are proud to announce the GA TWIN SEAMS on all kites. This special construction uses two yarns of different material stitched in the same production step. TWIN SEAM + HPX DACRON Our newest technologies don’t happen over night. We continue to develop our...

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LTE CANOPY This new canopy comes with double ripstop materials to provide best tearing performance and minimal elongation. This results in bulletproof kites, significantly less damage which gives you more time on the water! This canopy sets a new benchmark in dynamic performance, it gives a very lively and direct character to the kite. LTE CANOPY Our LTE Canopy is a benchmark for any kite on the market. This canopy comes with double ripstop materials and resists tearing with minimal stretch. It gives a very lively and direct character to the kite. We have achieved greatness with our durability...

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KITE FINDER FLYING SPEED Describes how fast the kites the kite moves forward, but also how fast the kite needs to fly to provide maximum power. Characterizes the upwind abilities of the kite. Depicts the ability to decrease kite power by changing the angle of attack. Defines the strong wind character of the kite and the steering abilities when (highly) depowered. Defines the light wind character of the kite and the maximum power ability in the bottom of the wind range. LOOPING POWER Characterizes the generated power in kite loops.

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Describes the behavior of kite in gusty winds or other non-ideal situations. Pictures of the simplicity of the kite use, how to to get going without taking too much care about the kite itself. Defines the jumping high. Defines the jumping duration. how explosive jumping starts.

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KITE OVERVIEW 2015 NEW TECHNIQUE FEATURES ON ALL KITES • Highly reinforced TE: An additional Kevlar / aramid line in the Trailing Edge (TE) keeps the TE length the same. As such we make sure the performance of a kite after hundreds hours of use is the same as a new kite. A double spinnaker layer between the canopy and the Dacron TE to eliminate any drag and fluttering. This panel has a highly optimized shape to stop harmonic frequency in this area. Preloaded tip construction: the Leading Edge (LE) around the tip is slightly “spring loaded” and keeps the TE under tension, even in special aerodynamic...

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LIGHT IT UP! All over performance with effortless relaunch make the SPARK an incredible gem in our line-up! Take your water time to the next level with this cross over machine made to fly!

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FACTS • ALL RIDING STYLES, ANY LEVEL! • SUPER EASY RELAUNCH! • SUPER ALL OVER PERFORMANCE Cross Over Power! Our most universal flying machine “the Spark” offers all-round versatility and power. This true crossover kite covers all aspects of the sport. Masterminded by Urs Hungerbühler, his aerodynamic background and experience has made the Spark very popular with all riders. An amazing kite with HUGE de-power that will offer perfect handling in almost any conditions, no matter what your style of riding is. Outstanding low end power and top end stability give extreme lift and hang time while in...

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This progressive wing offers ultra direct and responsive steering. The Toxic allows you to focus on the wave, not on the kite. This super fast flying engine has ‘on a dime’ turning speed with super high de-power. Simply amazing!

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