FORMA Marine Furniture Catalogue - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

j. Quality features include genuine

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An ideal solution for an economical yet practical chair; light and compact. zinc plated steel stainless steel Safety lock injury while opening Side table: Frame : Anodized aluminum tube 25mm external diameter and 1 mm wall thickness White plastic armrests Frame : Anodized aluminum tube 25mm external diameter and 1,5 mm wall thickness Fabric: Textilene (Open-weave vinyl coated polyester yarn) 650 grm/m2 Replacement covers available: Page 17 Seat height: 43 cm Packing size: 88 cm x 60 cm x 23 cm Seat width: 49 cm Pieces per box: 2 Seat depth: 49 cm Gross weight: 3 Kgr Frame: Aluminum tube

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Table legs: Anodized aluminum tube 25mm external diameter and 1,5 mm wall thickness Table top material: Superior quality humidity resistant white melamlne Table top thickness: 16 mm for tables M400, M450 and M500 Table top edge: Waterproof sealing with anodised aluminum profile, prevents moisture from entering Gross weight: 7,6 Kgr 7,aKgr 4,4Kgr I UKgr

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Greek word, deriving from "Syn"= addition and "thesis=position

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Table tops ■ Custom made table tops available upon lequest

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Son of Poseidon in Greek mythology. A godlike warrior fighting waves and storms. Extremely solid boat seats, designed to endure adverse weather conditions at sea. accommodating household guests of higher These folding stools were ornamented from ' ' A folding stool with anima egs reoresei'".s ; r\- towards the curved legs, ornamentation tha Aegean / Greet, simple folding stool, ca.2O!0B.C (J) design methods for the development of all manufacturing a wide 'ange of curdoci f.irr„t;ire, we mil feel the same enthusiasm as -i the ear y days Oui pride is knowing that our products are enjoyed

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Beach choirs and lounges

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