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Kite Safety & Maintenance Manual - 4 Pages

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Kite Safety & Maintenance Manual

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Thank you for purchasing your new Flexifoil kite. Before flying your kite, you MUST take time to read and understand these instructions and safety warnings. You can download this manual and any updates from

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/i\ Flexifoil strongly recommend that you abide by ALL safety guidelines and conduct yourself in a safe manner at all times Seek expert advice from a recognised Flexifoil Dealer, or take lessons from a fully qualified instructor BEFORE undertaking any power and traction activities NEVER fly your kite in conditions that are too extreme or winds that are too strong for your skill level or your equipment i.e. ALWAYS learn to fly with a smaller kite in lighter winds before attempting to fly a larger kite or more powerful kite in stronger winds ALWAYS check your equipment for wear and tear...

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Minimum power Minimum power Maximum power /}\ When launching kites in strong winds, ALWAYS launch at the edge of the wind window /i\ Weather conditions are unpredictable and can change very quickly ALWAYS be vigilant and respect the power of the wind Taking good care of your kite will prolong its life. AVOID flying your kite near trees, hedges, stone walls, barbed wire fences or other obstacles that could damage your kite DO NOT drag your kite across the ground when trying to launch or land, especially in stubble fields, on stony beaches or on other abrasive surfaces that could damage your...

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ONE MONTH FREE REPAIR OFFER Most kites are covered by our One Month Free Repair Offer. If you damage your kite within one month of purchase, we will repair it free of charge! Please follow the instructions on the Free Repair Voucher you received with your kite or visit for more details. STANDARD REPAIR SERVICE If you damage your kite when the One Month Free Repair Offer has expired, Flexifoil offer a quick and inexpensive repair service to all its customers. We also stock spare parts and sails for both current and discontinued kites. You can repair small tears with...

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