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Competence for unique ships Harald Faßmer Holger Faßmer Fassmer is a dynamic family-owned shipyard in its fifth generation. The company’s operating goals are top quality and customer satisfaction. An expert in-house design and engineering team backed up by modern production facilities provides Fassmer with an exceptional capacity for innovation and ingenious technical solutions in shipbuilding. SAR and Patrol Vessels Oshore Survey and Research Ships Fassmer can look back on a long tradition in the design and construction of one-o custom-built special purpose vessels. Our shipbuilding...

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SAR and Patrol Vessels Fassmer has designed and constructed a huge number of search and rescue vessels as well as patrol and police boats. Based on that long term experience the design has been optimized with respect to safety, reliability and efficiency. Especially under extreme weather and sea conditions you will appreciate being on a well proven Fassmer vessel. 10m Search and Rescue Boat | KONRAD-OTTO 8.30m Search and Rescue Boat | ASMUS BREMER 7.40m Search and Rescue Boat | BARSCH 46 m Search and Rescue Vessel | HERMANN MARWEDE 34m Police Boat | SYLT 28.5m Customs Cruiser | PRIWALL 29m...

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Oshore Survey and Research Ships The big challenge when building offshore survey and research ships lies in special and individual requests for specific purposes. Fassmer engineers work together with their customers to develop one-of-a-kind designs and solutions, creating ships in which the complex scientific and technical equipment required to accomplish survey and research duties can perform optimally. Each ship must be perfectly suited to the client’s special requirements and must always be able to cope with the harsh offshore conditions. 65m Offshore Survey Vessel | FUGRO SEARCHER 24m...

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Multi-purpose Work Vessels Fassmer offers a wide range of buoy laying vessels, offshore support vessels, oil recovery vessels, hydrographic survey ships, multi-purpose vessels and others. These vessels are either tailor made designs or built to a standard Fassmer specification. In any case you can be sure to get a vessel that will meet the performance required to cope with all of your tasks. 34m Multipurpose Vessel | ALTE WESER 38m Hydrographic Survey Vessel | GRIMMERSHÖRN 33m Work Vessel | ODIN 20m Buoy Layer | SEEADLER 40m Mulitpurpose and Oil Recovery Vessel | LEYHÖRN 32m Buoy Layer and...

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Yachts and Ferries Fassmer has conquered the market for explorer yachts. Designing an explorer yacht means planning to sail through Arctic waters and travelling to the world’s last frontiers. You are in good hands with Fassmer to make this dream come true. With a high degree of expertise Fassmer offers individual designs to match with your specific requirements in terms of comfort, quality and safety. Ferries must be safe, economical and functional. Fassmer clients can count on the company’s experience and advice on the best the shipbuilding sector has to offer when it is a matter of...

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Naval Vessels Fassmer has designed and built a wide range of offshore patrol vessels and coastal patrol boats which have firmly established the company’s reputation in the international market for naval vessels. The well proven modular platform designs accommodate multi-mission profiles and guarantee an easy integration of different combat systems. 80m Offshore Patrol Vessel | FASSMER OPV 80 21 m Fast Patrol Boat 12 40m Coastal Patrol Vessel | FASSMER CPV 40 80m Auxiliary Personnel Hospital | FASSMER APH 80 7 m Fast Rigid Rescue Boat 90m Offshore Patrol Vessel | FASSMER OPV 90 10 m Special...

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A fully integrated process at Fassmer At Fassmer clients can rely on a highly sophisticated and fully integrated process ranging from high-level consultations, research and design to perfect after-sales service including logistic and technical support, training and know-how transfer. Research Fassmer enjoys an excellent reputation for innovation in the maritime sector. We constantly examine and improve the operational behaviour and performance of our customer-specific designs. Technical co-operation If a customer is interested in one of our well proven vessels but prefers construction on a...

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Fassmer Germany | Rechlin Markos Poland | Globino Fassmer Headquarters Germany | Berne Visit our website Fr. Fassmer GmbH & Co. KG Industriestraße 2 27804 Berne Germany Phone +49 44 06 942-0 Fax +49 44 06 942-100 Fassmer-Marland China | Zhongshan

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