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FMT-MAT-V1 Marine Asset Tracker
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FMT-MAT-V1 Utilizes SkyWave’s IDP-690 Maritime Satellite Terminal, and provides ULTIMATE and Versatile Tracking Features Integrated with :    Falcon Mega Track™ 1 FMT Architecture 2 Overview Key Benefits Technology Satellite Coverage Track by Distance 7 Hardware Specification 8 V-Mail 9 V-Mail Benefits 10 FMT Control Panel 11 Next Step 12 FMS Contact Details

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FMT-MAT-V1 is a Satellite ISatData Pro Terminal, programmed with Marine Asset Tracking, enables companies to track and monitor their vessels and boats, giving them increased visibility of business operations, enhanced efficiency, and greater safety and security for their vessels and boats, while lowering operational costs. Secure HTTP encryption and password-protected identification ensure that sensitive data remains safe. Key Benefits 1. Inmarsat Type Approve, CE Mark, FCC, RoHS, Anatel; Perfect for harsh marine environment; 2. Global Coverage of Inmarsat; 3. Quick Activation; 4. User Friendly...

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Technology 1. FMT-MAT-V1 has IDP Satellite Terminals, by SkyWave, an Orbcomm Company is one of the leading company in the world for the development of M2M Satellite Terminal of Maritime Industry. IDP terminals are highly reliable and high efficient; Robust Marine Asset Tracking System to stand with harsh marine Environment; Highly Reliable Servers, 99.99% up time, running 24/7 with FMT Control Panel, the core application is the back bone of Tracking system; Secure Web Access to FMT Control Panel through HTTPS, powered by Professional SSL Certificates; 24/7 Technical Support; Continuous development...

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Track by Distance™ Track by Distance™ (TBD), developed by FMS, is an Application for SkyWave IDP Terminal to economize the use of prepaid Airtime Units for the benefit of the customers of FMS. In addition to Time based Automatic Position Reports (APR), TBD Application enables IDP Terminals to sends the APRs at set distance travelled, and that is really a true tracking of a vessel. For Example, a Vessel is set on 1 APR per day, and 20 mile distance, the vessel will just send 1 APR/day while she is not moving, i.e. in port or at anchorage; and automatically starts APRs every 20 miles while she is...

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Hardware Specification Satellite Communication Certification CE (R&TTE, RoHS 2), FCC, IC, Anatel, MSS Russia, Regulatory: SRRC, RCM Mark, IEC 60945, C1D2 SkyWave Communication Make: (an Orbcomm Company) Inmarsat, Two-way, ISatData Satellite: Pro Satellite Service, Global Coverage Type Inmarsat, IP67 Approval: Rx: 45mA, with GPS: 60mA Power: Tx: 0.75A Sleep: 100 micro A Acquisition Hot: 1 second; time: Cold: 29/30 seconds Accuracy: 2.5m/4.0m CEP-Horizontal Environmental Operating -40C to +85C Temp: Dust/Water IP67 Ingress: Power Pack FMT-PP2 MAIN VOLTS IN

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V-Mail FMT V-Mail is a Value Added Solution for Sending and Receiving Email (Messaging) via Inmarsat Satellites. Connecting a computer, with FMT V-Mail installed, through COM Port of FMT MAT or SSAS terminals, enables a vessel to send and receive email messaging via Inmarsat satellite with Global Coverage. Low Cost Satellite Email System; No additional hardware cost, if FMT-MAT or FMT-SSAS is already installed; Serve as Main Email Communication for small vessels; Serve as Backup Email System for Tankers and Ocean Going Ships, to establish communication in case of failure of Main Email System;...

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FMT Control Panel FMT-Control Panel provides versatile features to control over the entire Fleet of the Company, with secure web access at Customer Account Details Change Password V-Mail V-Mail Message Settings V-Mail Message Filters Assets NOT Reporting SSAS Test (Warning) Customer Billing (Airtime) Detail Asset Details m Notification Setting Set Position Report Interval ^    Poll Position Report ©    Ship Security Alert System Place Markers Maps Register Vessel

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Pulau Ubin Tekong Island

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Next Step Interest in FMT-MAT-V1? Here is step forward; 1. For any question you may have, please call Sales Department or write an email; 2. Purchase a set of FMT-MAT-V1 from the nearest ASCD (Distributor) in your area; the contact detail of ASCDs is available under "Where to Buy" on our website 3. Purchase 3,600 FMT Units (Airtime) for 1 year tracking service; and 400 Units for the Activation of FMT-MAT-V1 terminal (one time only); 4. Upon the installation of FMT-MAT-V1, and activation; you shall be provided with a User Name and Password of FMT Control Panel at www....

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