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SQUADRON 53 - 18 Pages

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Introducing a new design standard Meet the beautiful SQUADRON 53 Every. Perfect. Detail.

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No line or curve is left unconsidered Let it be said with undeniable certainty that nothing was left to chance when it came to designing and building the Squadron 53. Every precisely-placed curve, every elegant edge, every understated shade of colour has its place in the grand scheme of things. And simply because absolute attention to detail and a genuine appreciation of quality go hand-in-hand. For us, painstakingly handcrafting an object of luxury such as the Squadron 53 is a matter of personal enjoyment and inner satisfaction…both ours and yours. In fact, you have just to run your hand...

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Engineered to be greater than the sum of its parts When we embarked on our new design vision for the Squadron 53, we made a conscious decision to be bold. We even dared to re-imagine the classic Fairline form in collaboration with one of Italy’s most exciting yacht designers, Alberto Mancini. But we never did so at the expense of our uncompromising, engineering heritage. Which means every feature on the Squadron 53 – whether you can immediately see it, or not – has been carefully thought about and assembled with the entire yacht in mind. • Exterior styling by Alberto Mancini • Submersible...

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Designed to take your breath away

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True style is beyond skin-deep In the spirit of building the perfect yacht at every possible level, we have also carefully created four different interior design schemes for you to choose from: Inspired by Liguria’s local architecture, this scheme exudes the sunny warmth synonymous with fragrant Italian lemon trees and the umbrella-lined shores of the Amalfi coast. Evoking elegant vintage design cues, whilst offering a bold and contemporary interpretation of the luxury that was once the preserve of America’s East Coast. Understated, earthy colours, effortlessly combined with rich natural...

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Beautifully balanced proportions • Length overall (inc. pulpit): 55ft 6in (16.92m) • Height above waterline (unloaded): 18ft 2in (5.56m) • Length overall (ex. pulpit): 53ft 6in (16.32m) • Dry weight (approx.): 21.16 imp. tons / 23.69 US tons (21,000kg) • Fuel capacity: 530 gallons / 637 US gallons (2,412 litres) • Water capacity: 120 gallons / 145 US gallons (550 litres)

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Twin helm Triple helm CE L E BRATI N G 50 YE A RS Flybridge This has to be one of our favourite spaces on the Squadron 53, with its uninterrupted 360˚ views and tremendous entertainment potential.

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Galley up, forward CE L E BRATI N G 50 YE A RS Main Deck – Galley Up We are also very happy to point out that the Squadron 53 is the first-ever Fairline yacht of its size to feature a cleverly designed seating area on the foredeck. As for inside, the galley can be located in one of two areas.

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Main Deck with saloon sideboard Main Deck with saloon couch CE L E BRATI N G 50 YE A RS Main Deck – Galley Down

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Lower Deck – 3 Cabin & Galley Down Spacious, airy and the epitome of on-board luxury, the lower deck is also fully customisable to suit your needs. You can choose between either a 3 or 4-cabin configuration. Forward cabin scissor berth option

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3 cabin with day head & utility area Lower Deck Enjoy extra space for your guests by specifying the optional fourth cabin which contains a pair of full length bunk beds. Forward cabin scissor berth option

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Last year we celebrated our 50th anniversary It was truly a Year Of Golden Moments It’s not enough to build a beautiful boat just for the sake of it. Building the kind of yachts which we are proud to put the Fairline name to, requires something more than just engineering genius or craftsmanship. It also requires the desire to create extraordinary moments for whoever owns it. Moments of joy, exhilaration, excitement…and even tranquility. With 2017 being our 50th Anniversary, we took every possible opportunity to celebrate those incredible, golden moments since the brand’s founder Jack...

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EXTERIOR DESIGN An unrivalled dealership network INTERIOR DESIGN PRINCIPLE DIMENSIONS Just like the many parts that make up one of our extraordinary yachts, so too are international dealers handpicked and perfectly placed to cover anything and everything you could want from Fairline (you can visit for details of your nearest dealer). GENERAL ARRANGEMENTS Fairline Argentina Fairline Benelux & W. Germany Fairline Brazil Fairline Channel Islands Fairline Chertsey Fairline Chesapeake Fairline Colombia Fairline Costa Blanca Fairline Cote d’Azur Fairline Croatia line...

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