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Opposed Piston DF Technical Specification - 2 Pages

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F A I R B A N K S M O R S E E N G I N E Opposed Piston DF Technical Specifications Dual Fuel Generator Sets I Low emission natural gas operation I Robust diesel engine design I Low life cycle cost – medium speed 900 rpm I Exclusive Fairbanks Morse Engine Enviro-Design® Micro Diesel Pilot Opposed Piston Story The Opposed Piston engine was developed in the 1930s for locomotive power, but was initially used to power submarines in World War II. Fairbanks Morse has manufactured thousands of these engines for marine power, electric power plants, and numerous mechanical drive applications. Today, the low emissions Enviro-Design® dual fuel model is the model of choice for many power plants. Benefits & Features Standard Equipment I 8-1/8" bore & 10" stroke I Engine turbochargers & intercoolers I Dual Fuel – 99% natural gas & 1% diesel pilot I Free standing control panel & motor control center I No spark plugs – diesel ignition of the natural gas I Cooling tower & pump I Welded steel block – shock qualified I Intake & exhaust silencers I Factory-direct support & service I Filters – lube oil, fuel oil, combustion air I Two-cycle operation – no cylinder head maintenance I Heat exchangers I Operate on 100% diesel if gas supply is interrupted I Pumps & motors I Capable of 50% load step I Starting air system I Fast starting – accept load within 10-15 seconds www.fairbanksmorse.com

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Opposed Piston DF Ratings Cylinders RPM Turbocharged Gross kWe Turbocharged Bhp Turbo-Blower Gross kWe Turbo-Blower Bhp 6 9 12 900 900 900 1580 2370 3165 2205 3308 4410 1506 2260 3013 2100 3150 4200 Data at 100% load. Performance Data – Dual Fuel Operation Engine Natural Gas Heat Rate Diesel Heat Rate Configuration Btu/bhp-hr Btu/bhp-hr Turbocharged Turbo-Blower 6157 6255 Total Heat Rate Btu/bhp-hr NOx g/bhp-hr CO g/bhp-hr THC g/bhp-hr 6250 6350 1.0 1.0 3.4 3.4 6 6 93 95 Data at 100% load. Diesel operation heat rate is 0.350 lb/bhp-hr. THC: Total Hydrocarbons. Optional Equipment Typical Dimensions...

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