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Catalogue excerpts

POWERING INNOVATION. EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS. Customized medium-speed engine systems for critical applications worldwide

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A LONG HISTORY OF EVOLVING ENGINE TECHNOLOGY For over a century, Fairbanks Morse Engine has been at the center of advanced engine design and manufacturing to meet ongoing demands for marine, power generation and oil & gas applications. Around the globe, the call for reliable engine solutions continues to grow in scope and urgency and Fairbanks Morse Engine is responding with a complete portfolio of innovative products. Our resources and support are enhanced as part of EnPro Industries, a recognized leader in providing highly engineered products for critical applications in a wide range of industries....

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U.S. Navy photo by Photographers Mate 1st Class J.B. Paul/Released. Use of released U.S. Navy imagery does not constitute product or organizational endorsement of any kind by the U.S. Navy.

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There from the beginning As the original U.S.-based manufacturer of medium-speed diesel engines, Fairbanks Morse Engine’s long history drives the continued development of leading technology to meet the world’s power needs. With rigorous quality-control standards and a demonstrated commitment to responsive service, Fairbanks Morse Engine is the ideal solutions partner to meet a variety of high-demand application requirements. Marine For generations Fairbanks Morse engines have been recognized around the world, delivering reliable and efficient service in the most demanding conditions for the U.S....

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Colt-Pielstick PA6B Colt-Pielstick PA6B STC Colt-Pielstick PC2.5 CR Colt-Pielstick PC2.5 CR STC Colt-Pielstick PC2.6B MAN 28/33 D STC MAN 48/60 ALCO 251F Colt-Pielstick PC2.5 CR Colt-Pielstick PC2.6B MAN 51/60 DF MAN 51/60 G MAN 35/44 DF MAN 35/44 G OP 38D 8 1/8

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SELECTION GUIDE Leading engine options for multiple applications Fairbanks Morse medium-speed engines are designed for reliable, efficient performance across a wide range of environments. Representing engine systems built for even the most demanding segments, Fairbanks Morse Engine continues to develop and bring to market some of the most flexible and durable solutions available.

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ALCO 251F The ALCO 251F engine is renowned worldwide for efficient and reliable power in the most demanding stationary and locomotive applications. Featuring a durable cylinder head casting, this rugged engine option offers exceptional commonality of components, and affords high specific output with low specific fuel consumption. Power Range ❚❚Nuclear Power Plants ❚❚Water Management Facilities ❚❚Pump Drives ❚❚Hospitals ❚❚Municipalities ❚❚Industrial Power Generation ❚❚Strong, durable Applications ❚❚Oil & Gas ❚❚Power Generation cylinder head casting for increased life of critical components ❚❚Commonality...

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COLT-PIELSTICK PA6B, PA6B STC The PA6B is synonymous with advanced technology that delivers unmatched reliability. The long-stroke PA6B delivers 25 percent more power while achieving excellent fuel efficiency. The PA6B Sequential Turbo Charging (STC) allows for efficient operation of full power and in low speed, high torque environments. Power Range ❚❚Excellent fuel consumption ❚❚Increased reliability and safety ❚❚Simplified installation Applications ❚❚Marine ❚❚Marine Auxiliary

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Colt-Pielstick PC2.5 CR; PC2.5 CR STC The Fairbanks Morse Colt-Pielstick PC2.5 engine is well suited for marine applications with high torque at low speeds, and excellent power production in relation to installed weight. The 16-cylinder PC2.5 CR STC engine is intended for use on ships requiring high propulsion power combined with a lightweight installation. Power Range ❚❚Low Fuel Consumption ❚❚Ease of maintenance ❚❚Improved low load operation ❚❚Lower emissions ❚❚High reliability and availability Applications ❚❚Marine ❚❚Power Generation Installations ❚❚Military Vessels

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COLT-PIELSTICK PC2.6B The Fairbanks Morse Colt-Pielstick PC2.6B is the latest advancement of the PC2.6 medium-speed diesel engine. While retaining key features of the previous generation, the power rating has increased from 615 to 750 kW/cylinder. This newest version operates at 600 rpm, with a lower fuel consumption and a patented MPC (Modular Pulse Converter) supercharging system. Power Range ❚❚Capacity to burn all residual fuels ❚❚High power-to-weight ratio ❚❚Increased ease of maintenance ❚❚Same speed for both mechanical and electrical propulsion ❚❚Economical operation ❚❚Low overhead height...

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MAN 28/33 D STC The Fairbanks Morse MAN 28/33 D range of engines brings together world-class engineering and state-of-the-art technology to produce the most powerful and fuel efficient 1000 rpm diesel engine in the world. Power Range ❚❚Military Vessels component count eases installation and maintenance ❚❚52 degree vee angle minimizes width and facilitates installation ❚❚Common rail injection system improves SFC, performance and transient response ❚❚Electronically controlled injection system reduces NOx ❚❚Best-in-class fuel efficiency ❚❚Industry-leading power rati

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MAN 48/60 B; 48/60 CR Manufactured in the U.S. under an exclusive license agreement with MAN Diesel, MAN 48/60 engines are proven solutions well suited for propulsion and auxiliary applications that deliver exceptional fuel efficiency, low emissions and long service life. Power Range ❚❚Excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions ❚❚Simple design with proven technology makes for low maintenance ❚❚Quick and accurate reaction times of the injection system ❚❚Integrated self-diagnosis functions ❚❚Trouble-free and time-saving commissioning ❚❚Common rail injection system comprises an intelligent designed Applications...

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MAN 51/60 DF Equipped with the revolutionary dual-fuel technology to reduce NOx emissions, MAN 51/60 DF engines operate on 99% natural gas with a 1% micro diesel pilot, or they can operate on 100% diesel for maximum flexibility. Offered in a V-type version with 18 cylinders, the 51/60 DF has a rated output of 1050 kW per cylinder for 60 Hz generation to deliver best-in-class power density among gas engines. Power Range ❚❚Hospitals ❚❚Municipalities ❚❚Industrial Power ❚❚Universities ❚❚Manufacturing ❚❚Clean, environmentally Applications ❚❚Power small carbon footprint Generation ❚❚Fuel flexibility...

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