Structural furler Fiber - Commercial Brochure - 3 Pages

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Structural furler Fiber - Commercial Brochure
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Structural furlers : the in/out furling systems The structural furler - unlike the Gennaker furler - supports both mast and sail loads. The Facnor 14-100T systems are fitted with anti-twist fiber forestay from 40 footers. Their reliability widely tested on ocean races has enabled Facnor to enlarge the range from 14 to 100 tons. The different STG 3-4T, must be fitted with a classic wire forestay from 24 to 30 footers. Photo credit : Alphena 14-100T STRUCTURAL STAYFURLERS TEXTILE FORESTAY (from 40’ to +130’) STG 3-4T STRUCTURAL WIRE FURLERS (from 24 to 30’) Photo credit : Latitude 46 - Tofinou Photo credit : Carbon 3 - Tuco Marine

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STRUCTURAL FURLING SYSTEMS Furling power & performance Facnor has adapted the Open 60’ Staysail furlers to other ranges of fast racing boats. These structural furlers support mast loads and can entirely furl in and out headsails (such as Solent, Staysail, Genoa). This system particularly dedicated to racing boats, like Class 40’ is also supplied on ocean cruising yachts for Staysails. PERFECT SAIL & LIGHTNESS The in/out furling system: This in/out system enables a performance sail cut with belly lowered and holds the mast at the front. it holds the mast at the front. The forestay, traditionally...

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STRUCTURAL FURLING SYSTEMS Furling power & performance Photo credit : © Motive Trimarans 14-100T STRUCTURAL FURLERS RANGE Parameters / Furler model Boat length Kevlar wire breaking loads* Kevlar wire working loads Different articulating parts such as (at the top and bottom) : - bottom ball joint eye, T-bones, double loop anchor, top latching eye, many other terminals. * model name = Kevlar stay breaking loads ** If we replace a metal wire or a rod forestay by a textile wire, this one will be largely over dimensioned, as the essential criteria to choose the model is not the solidity but the resistance...

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