GENNAKER FURLERS 4000 - 6000 - 8000 PC - 4 Pages

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GENNAKER FURLERS 4000 - 6000 - 8000 PC

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CAUTION Our products, especially our halyard swivels, paired or not with blocks, are designed to hoist sails. These parts must not be used to raise objects or human beings up to the mast, whatever their weight or volume even if the load and safety factors of these pieces are calculated above the weights likely to be lifted up in the masts. FACNOR SAS - Parc d’Activités BP 222 F-50550 SAINT-VAAST-LA HOUGUE Tél.(33) - Fax (33) E-mail : - Web : Installation manual – Gennaker and Code zero furler SDG 4000/6000/8000 PC – page 1

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ENDLESS LINE GENNAKER FURLERS A Components : The kit consists of : - 1 Swivel. - 1 Endless line drum with shackle or Jaw. - 1 Eye or a snap shackle which has to bne locked under the drum. Drum Shackle-Eye Drum Jaw-Eye Swivel Shackle-Shackle B/ Installation The DRUM The eye or the snap shackle have to be fitted to a convenient point on the yacht. The in/out line must face aft. The eye or a the snap shackle can be fixed in position to suit either athwarships or fore and aft attachment point. Once the drum is in the correct position, the eye or the snap shackle must be locked and tightened by...

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The SWIVEL On the swivel you will find a sticker to explain you which side is the top. Insert the head of the sail/halyard into the shackle and replace. If you have a block at the top of swivel, fix it at the top part of the swivel and do not forget to use a product to insulate stainless steel screw and the aluminium of the swivel. C/ Furling line fitting. We advice using a furling line from halyard rope type. For the SDG 4000 PC use a Ø 8 mm For the SDG 6000 and SDG 8 000 PC use a Ø 10 mm diameter. Insert the line into one of the holes and turn the drum mechanism. The line will appear from...

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