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Catalog excerpts

Wichard Group Company Conception : Facnor - Drawings : P. Laneelle / facnor - Photo credit : EB / Facnor unless specific mention- Cover : V. Curutchet (1) & J. Renedo (4)- 2013 Photo : MC3 / Jesús Renedo FACNOR 10 rue du Pont des Bernes Parc d'activité F50550 St-VAAST-LA-HOUGUE FRANCE TEL. +33 (0)2 33 88 50 22 FAX: +33 (0)2 33 23 14 27 e-mail : info@facnor.com

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The information and specifications contained in this custom catalogue are subject to change without prior notice. Marine experience Custom projects for ocean cruising or racing maxi-yachts require high tech means: computerised design, technical knowledge in metallurgy and composite materials, and a constant updated data-base. In a logic of sustainable develop- ment, our team gives full priority to first class customer service, technical solutions crossing innovation and reliability as well as effective shipping management all around the globe. Structural furling systems 8 Terminal options external...

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ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE Photo : Nicolas Jutzi Quality Production > Wide production capacity within our group; > Anodizing baths among the longest in the Marine experience > Experience of over 30 years in marine industry; > An in-depth study of needs and a rigorous management of the specifications; > A synergy of means in computerised design and production; > Human resources based on skills and dynamism; > Products tested in extreme conditions by the most experienced ocean skippers. world (Sparcraft US) and Europe (Sparcraft); > Electrostatic powder painting box (Sparcraft-US); > Plasma CNC cutting...

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> Experience of over 30 years in manufacturing furling systems has raised Facnor to a high-level of expertise. Its focus on R&D and its close partnership with ocean or maxi yacht skippers has pushed Facnor to become even more specialized in tailor made solutions. Photo : Hetairos / Baltic 197’ - Peter Neumann / YPS, Hamburg > From its own experience gained in ocean races, Facnor has been offering Maxi yacht skippers tailor made equipment. The high level of specialisation on these projects, must be carefully carried out  “Haute couture : Furlers for upper-level cruising”. Photo : Silvère Juhel >...

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From its experience in ocean racing equipment, Facnor has become the official supplier of the monotype MOD70 trimarans. A prestigious victory carried out by its willingness to except and take on new challenges. Responsiveness : Before departure, Ocean races require a meticulous preparation similar to Formula 1 teams. In this perspective, project managers and technical partners work closely together  this is race by : race! Our teams take up technical challenges in order to cross both start and finish lines. PHOTO : Th.Martinez / Sea&Co / MOD S.A. > Facnor has worked on many different maxi racing...

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STRUCTURAL FURLING SYSTEMS 20T and 31T structural furlers on Hugo Boss 60’ Structural furlers support the mast rigging load and the headsail: Genoa, Solent, Staysail or ORC. The structural system components are: a swivel fixed on the mast, a continuous line or standard drum fixed on the chain plate, and an anti-twist cable (PBO or Kevlar®) linking both mechanisms. This cable transfers efficiently the rotation from the drum to the swivel and is captive in the sail tape. TOP OR BOTTOM TERMINAL OPTIONS - bottom ball joint eye, - T-bones, - twin hook /anchor, - lashing soft eye, - many other terminals. 70...

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In comparison with existing products fitted with foil sections, carbon sections feature rigidity as well as lightness (40% lighter than foil sections). The «teardrop» shaped sections offer better aerodynamics. The installation is simple as the elements are assembled with epoxy adhesive (no screw). This improves the torque resistance of the connected sections. Photo : Arzanà Navi 2013 Photo : Barry Pickhall / PPL /F. Konyukhov. > Unlike flying sails, this is not a in/out system and allows to reduce the sail. > Possibility to hoist different sails using the twin groove head section. > Rod or textile...

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Halyard locks improve flying sail use (Staysail/Gennaker) saving weight and reducing mast compression loads. This simple and efficient device makes the halyard locking/unlocking easy and safe. The Facnor lock tremendously eases the handling of flying forestays (2-to-1 no longer required). The halyard lock can be fitted either inside or outside the mast. The mainsail locks reduce the mast compression, particularly on maxi-yachts on which working loads are tremendously high. Used on the MOD 70’, the Facnor systems reliability has undoubtedly been proved. They can be adapted on existing tracks. >...

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high resistant body > Easy & simply fitted : it can be fixed onto one head attachment with an articulated device (toggle, latching, Unibal ball or others). > Externally fitted lock : In this case, a small diameter sheave is integrated in the locking system. The halyard can then run down inside or outside the mast. Parameters / Lock model (= working load) Equivalent Kevlar wire Equivalent ROD 16 ton lock for Maricha III (147’) Code zero Photo : D. Durchon / Maricha III. RELIABLE MECHANISM Loop with Deenema cover (on request)

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CODE ZERO & GENNAKER FURLER FACNOR is «the» precursor in manufacturing continuous line Code zero & Gennaker furlers (supplied since 1998). Most 60’ monohulls and multihulls are now equipped with Facnor flying sail  furlers: reliable and safe. They are designed to support high loads of over 500m2 Gennakers with working loads up to 40 tons. very secure grip of the furling line. > Facnor guide concept : Thanks to the Facnor concept, the continuous line can be quickly removed without any complication. For top down furling, the sail tack must be free in rotation. Facnor has developed a single mechanism...

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Photo : G. Russo / North Sails TERMINAL & SPECIAL OPTIONS TO TAILOR MADE REQUESTS... Facnor has a large conception and production capacity thanks to a Design team and CNC machining facilities > Two-to-one blocks, textile shackles; > Lashing thimbles, blocks, padeyes, special pins; > Continuous line drum & swivel covers; > Integrated manufacturing means : From the design office to the CNC machining center, the Computer Aided Manufacturing gives perfect and quick results; Customized terminal options (see p. 9) Special split wheel for 70’ volvo race boat race starts before the starting line... >...

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