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>> Your furling system for your navigation program Facnor team is very much involved in innovation and customer needs. This, as well as the expertise of the most competent skippers, has led to the adaption and improvement of the Facnor headsail reefing system range. For each range, specific features has been developed. Each sailor will be able to find the Facnor furling gear suitable for his navigation : classic drum (LS/LX/RX), webbing drum (FD), continuous line drum (RC) or electrical motorised drum (RMEJ). FOUR RANGES OF JIB FURLERS LS/LX/RX CLASSIC DRUM FURLING & REEFING SYSTEMS P12 FD WEBBING FURLING & REEFING SYSTEMS P20 & 21 ELECTRIC MOTORIZED FURLING & REEFING SYSTEMS RMEJ P24 & 25 Photo : © Marc Ducrey / Chamade RC CONTINUOUS LINE FURLING & REEFING SYSTEMS P18 HEADSAIL FURLING & REEFING SYSTEMS

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CLASSIC DRUM FURLING & REEFING SYSTEMS Strength and reliability From the smallest of cruising yachts to the biggest round the world race yachts, they all have something in common, the same Facnor technology. As a result, the LS/LX/RX ranges guarantee a secure and long life navigation. Photo Credit : Voile Australe / RACE DEVELOPED TECHNOLOGY Bearing box : STRENGTH and RELIABILITY ike the Facnor carbon furling systems on board of Jean Luc Van Den Heede’s 80 footer, the Ls/Lx/Rx drum and swivel are fitted with a “bearing box” (see above). This was tested over ocean races...

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CLASSIC DRUM FURLING & REEFING SYSTEMS Strength and reliability HALYARD DEFLECTOR WHEEL SAIL FEEDER (LX range) The included pre feeder gives the ideal fitting to hoist the sail alone Prevents the Genoa halyard and any other halyard from wrapping around the forestay SWIVEL SMOOTH ROTATION EASED INSTALLATION Even under high loads, featuring the innovative bearing box like the drum with the bottom telescopic section, no need to cut the top foil section (see p. 28) STRONG CONNECTIONS Improved torque resistance makes the furling easy even under loads (see details p.28) Smooth rotation even under...

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CLASSIC DRUM FURLING & REEFING SYSTEMS Easy installation & widely developped ranges 4 P O S S I B L E T Y P E S O F I N S TA L L AT I O N The drum fixation depends on the bottom forestay terminal fitted on your boat. As shown below, 3 extra options can be added to the standard furling kit (1) : - short link plates (bent stainless steel plates) (2) - internal turnbuckle option + short link plates (extended drum nose) (3) - long link plates (4) long link plates short link plates All models: The bottom fixing pin (marine quality stainless steel) is delivered with a nut (nylock) that insures a...

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CLASSIC DRUM FURLING & REEFING SYSTEMS Easy installation & widely developped ranges Photo credit : Grand Soleil RX racing/cruising programme : If you race, the RX furling systems will meet your satisfaction with their aerodynamic sections (see page 28), the rotating tack fitting and the removable drum allow you to use the system as a head foil. Removable drum : system used as a simple head foil Unscrew and remove the furling line guide M o d e l Boat Length Max. forestay ø Remove the half plates Fit the two half protection rings Photo credit : Demé Voiles Just a few minutes are needed to...

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