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Volt 2012
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Catalogue excerpts

Auto relaunch Each year, the Volt benefits from the evolution of its big brother, the Bandit. This year’s VOLT 2 improves once more while remaining intuitive and accessible to all. The auto relaunch is the most recognized evolution in recent years. The Delta erases the difficulties of past designs during the relaunch phase. The kite automatically tilts by itself on one tip and glides gently to the window edge, where it safely sits there without any power. You only have to guide its relaunch when you are ready to do so. No complicated maneuver is necessary; this is what the auto relaunch is all...

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SIZE Wind Range • 3 struts • One Pump • Short EVO bridle • Reinforcements and solid construction • Lines set up identical to Bandit 5 32 + knts 5 m² 27 + knts 7 m² 22 >32 knts 9 m² 15 >26 knts 11 m² • Standard bar : Volt, Volt 2, Bandit 3, Bandit 4 et Bandit 5

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One Pump Collar Valve - Easier to remove and put back. - Practical during bladder replacement. Profile leading edge end tips The leading edge tips are profiled and have a reduced diameter to avoid any bridles tangling and drag effect. Kite tuning 2 different positions for back lines.   Front: more bar pressure, slower turning kite.   Back: lighter bar pressure, faster turning kite. Profile batten end tip Kevlar reinforcement on leading edge Most seams on the leading edge are now reinforced with Kevlar to prevent the seams to deteriorate on aggressive ground friction. Skin reinforcement A new batten...

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White / Black COLORS COMBO White / Blue Blue / Black Kaki / Brown

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