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TRUST 2014
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Catalogue excerpts

The TRUST is a kite with a 100% design focus on FREERIDE. Aimed at riders of any level, the kite is intuitive with an optimum relaunch capability, a great stability and perfect power control. Two additional sizes are introduced in 2014: 6m² and 8m².

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PRE SENT ATION With an incredible speed control, the TRUST will make it easier for the riders to carve and dampen the waves and chop. Its exceptional upwind capabilities with flawless stability at 12 o’clock make it the perfect partner. Very consistent and progressive in its behavior, this kite flies very instinctively and intuitively. Stability has been a big focus and the TRUST has been designed to kite in all kind of wind conditions with complete control. With its reassuring feel, this kite will give you full confidence to try some new tricks. The deeper profile near the leading edge gives...

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FLAT SEWING Stronger assembly of the panels: they are now glued and sewn together to make the canopy more rip resistant. PROFILE BATTEN END TIP A new batten closing system enables to reduce its diameter in order to decrease the drag. A small batten ensures the closing and holding in position. TECH NOLO GIES DEFLATE VALVE OF THE CENTER STRUT This system makes for an easier use of the kite. Inflating and deflating are quick and easy, especially thanks to the Turbo deflating valve. The plugs are locked in place by a safety velcro strap to prevent from any unwanted deflation. The TRUST struts are...

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COLORS COMBO Black / Blue Black / Green White / Blue White / Green Blue / White Beige / White Black / Green WIND RANGE (knts)

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For 2014, F-ONE introduces its new PUSH-AWAY quick release. ACCES SORIES SAFETY SYSTEM “SUICIDE LEASH” MODE DEPOWER SYSTEM Designed to work effectively even in the most critical situations, it can be triggered under load but also when the lines are slack. A stopper at the top holds the kitebar to make sure the system works even when the bar is pushed towards the rider and blocked in the lowest position. Its new push-away system enables to trigger the release with minimal force even under the highest loads (tested up to 400 kg). With its new larger 5 th line ring, the new F-ONE Push-Away system...

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F-ONE SAS ZAC de la Méditerranée 170, Route de la Foire 34470 PÉROLS - FRANCE

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