Foilboards collection 2015 - 9 Pages

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Foilboards collection 2015
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Catalogue excerpts

Kite foiling is becoming a very popular aspect of kitesurfing, this is how F-ONE approached this new discipline We have been following the evolution of foiling since the first days of the discipline and some'of our riders have been foiling since the early days of the sport. We are in contact with our riders that have constantly been involved In 2009 we looked into bringing a foil into the market, but it was too different than what we specialized in and produced. We also had the opportunity to purchase a brand, but this does not fit with our vision. Taking over a product that had already been developed, and...

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toilers dedicated to this foiling Marc BLANC , is an emblematic figure in kite foiling, he teaches it at his kite school, he is considered an expert in the discipline and possesses an incredible amount of ease in riding and general knowledge of foiling. His feedback in testing was crucial. He was able to feel the slightest modification and provide input to improve and bring new ideas to the design. Alex CAIZERGUES , Speed specialist, multiple time Speed record holder and has been foiling for many years. He also contributed a lot to the design of the foil. He was able to test it at high speeds...

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Two years ago we hired a naval architect specialized in fluid dynamics. He has been designing all of our boards and other injection pieces since. The foil design is naturally part of his forte. It is important the we leave our comfort zone of "Shaping" boards and focus of fluid dynamics and all the theories that go with it. It is thanks to a complete team composed of foil testers and specialists that we are able to present you our first foilboards collection. For this project we patented the assembly system of the foil between the fuselage and the wings. This is essential because it makes the...

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This board was created foil board with the With its large volume and large tail it is very well adapted to beginners. It generates enough float at low speeds and gives a lot of flexibility in footstrap placements. Compact in design do reduce drag from the wind, the top deck is concaved to maximize comfort and control. The bottom deck is shaped in a triple V contour with a precisely tuned concave, combined with a strong nose rocker to soften the impact when the board touches down. The rails are high and inverted to reduce drag when the board "taps" the water while edging hard upwind. Equipped with...

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We also decided to offer The Surf pro model MITU MONTEIRO in 5'6" / 5'8" / 5'10" will also be offered in its "conver- tible" version: equipped with a KF-BOX. The concave on the board allow it to accele- rate to lift off easily and the rocker and outline of the pro model MITU MONTEIRO make the transitions and progression easy when they With its very efficient and all around shape combined with the new construction HD FOAM FLEX COMPOSITE, tough and light, the surf MITU MONTEIRO Convertible is the per- fect board to not miss a session without loading your quiver. Mitu MONTEIRO FOIL CONVERTIBLE New...

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